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      2017 RAM 2500 Laramie PXR Black 409ci (6.7L) Cummins Turbo Diesel 370hp 800lb/ft
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      1.Confirm the year of your ram 1500, even if the model is the same, due to the year being different, set the bulb model may be different.
      2.What is the LED bulb that needs to be replaced? Bulbs with different models/uses try to avoid mixing them.
      3.Confirm the type of bulb needed. This is important, if you buy the wrong bulb, you will have to return it to the supplier for replacement or refund.
      4.Have decoding problems? Contact your supplier to try to solve it. Usually, you can use a decoder to solve problems such as bulbs flickering after installation and dashboard reporting errors..
      5.Here is the bulb replacement model list for the 2009-2021 ram 1500.

      2009-2012 Ram 1500 LED Bulbs Models Recommended

      2013-2015 Ram 1500 LED Bulbs Models Recommended

      2016-2018 Ram 1500 LED Light Bulbs Models Recommended

      2019 2020 Ram 1500 (Classic) LED Bulbs Models Recommended

      2019-2020 Ram 1500 LED Bulbs Models Recommended

      2021 Ram 1500 LED Bulbs Models Recommended

      Feel free to discuss or private message any questions you may have!
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      This review is on the AUXITO 9006 amber/yellow LED fog/driving light bulbs on my 2016 Ram 1500 w/quad headlights and OEM fog/driving lights.

      Let me start by saying as a general rule, I am not in favor of LED lights in non-LED housings. Mostly due to being blinded by so many poorly designed LED's and poorly installed LED headlights in vehicles coming the other direction. I also don't care for the bright white that many LED lights put out, it just washes everything out to my eyes. This is true even on my new 22 Chev. Traverse work vehicle. NOW that I have that out of the way.

      I was offered a chance to try any AUXITO LED light that I wanted to try. I opted for the amber/yellow 9006 for a couple of reasons.
      A. There currently are very few options available in the yellow bulb spectrum (halogen or LED).
      B. I find using yellow or amber lights to be far superior to a bright white in heavy snow or fog for visibility. I have had instances where I could see better and farther with just the parking lights on vs. fogs or headlights (both white).
      C. Even in good weather, I find the yellow to give more depth and cause less eye strain when driving distances.

      I had recently installed a new set of yellow 9006 halogen bulbs that I purchased a few years ago. So, I was able to get a good comparison between that brand (I can't remember the brand, but they are brand name bulbs) and the AUXITO 9006 LED set.

      I just finished with the install and testing of the AUXITO 9006 LED fog lights.
      At first, I was afraid that they were going to be the typical LED blinding scattered light as they did blind me when I looked at the truck from the drivers seat of my wife's mazda 3 from about 4-5 car lengths away.
      But to be fair, I wanted to try adjusting the fog lights today to make sure that it wasn't just a light adjustment problem. I adjusted the fog lights down a bit and to my relief that took care of the blinding issue! In fact, my neighbor pulled up while I was checking them from the Mazda and I explained what I was doing and he said he wasn't blinded at all and he loved how they looked!
      I love the color of the light as it is more yellow than amber. They definitely throw out a more yellow light than the new halogen yellow fogs I had in there did, as well as more light overall.
      Unfortunately (or fortunately 😄 ), I won't be able to test them in the fog or snow for quite sometime. That is where the yellow color shines imo.
      Even so, just driving in dry weather the yellow fogs give an added dimension to my vision. Personally, I find that too white of a light washes everything out visually.

      Installation and adjustment took maybe a total time of 2 minutes per light, can't ask for more than that!
      Plug and play with no light out issues or anything!
      Light output is excellent, color is excellent and pattern appears to be controlled and excellent. Pretty clear cutoff is visible going vertically, which is critical to not blind oncoming traffic. Job well done on the 9006 amber fog/driving lights!

      Installation is as easy as lay on the ground under the bumper, unplug the bulb, twist the bulb and out it comes - reverse to install.
      Adjustment is made via a wingnut on the bottom of the fog light housing. I can take pictures if needed or wanted.

      You will notice in the pictures - A. Halogen yellow fog B. LED yellow not adjusted C. LED yellow adjusted - nice clean cutoff
      D. LED before adjust - blinding E. Is the Halogen yellow fog.

      I don't know what happened to the picture of the LED after (from an oncoming car perspective) but it looked about the same as the halogen as far as looking on to it, except with the light output on the ground of the LED before adjusting picture. If wanted, I can take another picture,of the after adjustment, but the LED fog is not blinding or hard on the eyes from an oncoming driver's perspective.
      I do have the passenger side set a bit higher than the driver's side.

      I can highly recommend the AUXITO 9006 amber/yellow fog lights and thank them for giving me the chance to test them!
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