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  1. Wow ...... NE GTG .. Great time .. Pics Thread.

    North East
    Sorry i couldn't make it, got a sick kid. Damn, knew it was going to be good too!
  2. Looking for a leveling kit (maybe?)

    Dodge Ram 4x4 - Offroad Discussion
    Just a quick note regarding belts. A true good quality rubber belt will not slip when wet, as opposed to the cheaper composite belts. A good test is to pour some water over the belt while the engine is idling, if it squeals like a pig, its not a quality rubber belt. Good luck on the leveling...
  3. Newbie question .. how to load a trailer

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    Before you kill yourself, get the right size ball, connect the trailer to the truck, lock it down, drop the ramp, load the trailer, heavy end forward. Good luck!
  4. The tiniest of white lies

    Newbie Checkin!
    Welcome, Probably the best place to talk it up and ask plenty of questions. Actual Dodge owners won't steer you wrong! Hope you find what makes you happy! :smiley_thumbs_up:
  5. Differential Specialist in the Boston Metro West Area?

    North East
    There have to be some local garages that work on racecars. Those are the people to talk to for sure. Plenty around me, but i live in eastern CT. Godd luck!:smileup:
  6. NorthEast GTG August 24th Weekend

    North East
    Crashing a car show sounds fun, just need to find one....
  7. Daytona Roll Call

    Dodge Ram Daytona
    Copy and paste this in your reply (add yours to the bottom) Edition # - City, State #03115 - Danielson, CT
  8. NorthEast GTG August 24th Weekend

    North East
    Hope its a nice day, really looking forward to this, the list keeps growing, awesome!:smileup:
  9. so who's coming to gatty 7 in 2014?

    2014 Meet in the Mountains (June 6-10)
    Moonshine + Wife = Passed out Wife LOL I plan on going next year, and Momma will be staying home.:Wow1:
  10. Bad Link Report

    Community Help
    I have found a bad link on the site. Hammerhead Armor, their website link in the Main Ad on the Main Page. Links you here: When it should be here: Regards, Mike:smiley_thumbs_up:
  11. What TRIM LEVEL do you have

    Dodge Ram Forum Polls!
    I also have the Daytona Package. It appears they missed a few: Rumble Bee, Daytona, SRT10.....:4-dontknow:
  12. NorthEast GTG August 24th Weekend

    North East
    Please add "eckirk" to the list. My buddy I just talked to.:smileup:
  13. Mass truck meet

    North East
    I don't know what the settings are on the FB event, but I can't join it.:sad:
  14. Tri-State Rams (MA-CT-RI)

    North East
    Would like to form up a group. Is there any interest in this?
  15. M&G In Wethersfield, CT August 10, 2013

    North East
    Meet & Greet Follow Up (With Pic) It was great to meet you folks, really enjoyed the time and the food. Looking forward to Mohegan Sun. You can look me up on facebook (Michael T. Gauvin) or my email is [email protected] Sorry GT that your truck got clipped out of the panorama, I...
  16. M&G In Wethersfield, CT August 10, 2013

    North East
    I'll be there:smileup:
  17. NorthEast GTG August 24th Weekend

    North East
    Oh the irony! I work in Surveillance!
  18. NorthEast GTG August 24th Weekend

    North East
    if it's Sunday I'm in! I can make it Sunday. Love hanging out at the competitions place (Foxwoods Employee of 20 years):Wow1:
  19. M&G In Wethersfield, CT August 10, 2013

    North East
    First Time for Me I will be joining you folks for this M&G. Never been to one before. Recently purchased my 3rd RAM, 2005 GoManGo Daytona (from my Mom no less) 61K miles. Anything in particular happen at these events? Any kind of details would be great. Been meaning to check out the Tilted...
  20. Hood Mod --->

    Dodge Ram Daytona
    Here is a great hood mod for under $20.00. I got the letters at AutoZone (Advance has them too) $1.99 each and some blue painters tape is all you need.
1-20 of 24 Results