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  1. 3.7L Slant 6 Specific Topics
    So I am new to owning a Dodge and this is my first RWD vehicle in over a decade.. I just bought this 1985 D-100 Custom Base with the slant6 and 4sp manual.. its all stock and was an old farm truck before. Everything seems to be good operational wise but the driveshaft has a huge dent and I need...
  2. Electrical
    So I recently acquired a 1985 Dodge Ram Custom 100. But I'm having a couple of small issues, the largest of which is that my horn doesn't work. I tried looking under the hood to see if maybe the horn itself was missing or simply out of commission. But nothing jumped out at me. I'm not even...
  3. LD RAM - General Discussion
    Hey, I'm in search for exhaust for my 1985 Ram 50..Not having any luck out here in Southern Utah Anyone have a good resource for me to check into? I have a 2.0 Engine that needs an exhaust system with uneven ports, 4cyl. I'd appreciate a lead or two :)
  4. 5.2L V8 Specific Topics
    I just typed about 1,000 words describing the background. During the typing, I took a phone call and when I came back this forum had logged me out and I lost my post. I do not have the heart to do that again. I'm sorry. I have a 1985 D150 Royal SE with a 318 and a Holley 2bbl 2280. I have...
  5. Dodge Ram Pictures - Photos
    Hey guys, here's a pic of my beast. Just put a 26" glasspack on it, and I have the exhaust coming out the side. no cat and no muffler. sounds good :Banana01:
  6. Dodge Ram Pictures - Photos
    hey guys. here's a pic of my '85 D100. just having a bit of fun out by the river. it's running strong, been driving it about a year now. it was sitting in someone's backyard when I bought it, but with a little tlc it's back on the road and looking good. it's got the old slant 6 under the hood...
1-6 of 8 Results