1997 dodge ram
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  1. Electrical
    I bought my 1997 ram a few months ago without a key fob. I bought a new fob but I didn't come with instructions on how to program it. I have been looking everywhere online for instructions but none of them seem to work. The data link connector DOES NOT have a dark green wire in one of the corner...
  2. 5.9L V8 Specific Topics
    I have a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 SS/T and i been noticing my gas meter hits the 1/4 mark normaly around 230 miles (Using trip counter).Then I notices its getting less and less milage. Currently it hits the 1/4 tank left mark at 175 miles. Most recently i know my meter like to drop when i touch the...
  3. Custom Chassis - Drive Line, Suspension - Lifting
    I have a 1997 5.2 V8 Magnum Dodge Ram. It's a short bed extended cab, if that's needed to know. But I'm trying to put a 4.5" or 5" lift on it for some larger tires. Can anyone give me some advice as to what will be needed if I do this lift? Am I gonna need longer brake lines? Longer drive...
1-3 of 5 Results