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  1. Electrical
    Have pulled several trailers with no issues. Now I have tried two different trailers and the instant I hook one up the right rear break light comes on whether truck ignition is turned on or not. ANY ideas? Checking the pigtail that lead is hot +12 all the time whether on the flat pin connector...
  2. 5.7L V8 Specific Topics
    I have a 2003 1500 with 113000 miles on it, recently the motor started ticking and it threw a P0300 code then a P0306 so i pulled all of the spark plugs and replaced them, cylinder 6 spark plugs had their electrodes mashed into the plugs which im assuming caused the P0306 code, most of the other...
  3. Suspension
    Is it worth my while to purchase upper control arms instead of trying to press in new ball joints on the old ones? I've been looking online and it seems that its a real pain to swap these out. I do want to make sure to replace them with greaseable ones. It doesn't seem right that they can...
1-6 of 9 Results