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  1. LD RAM - General Discussion
    Does anyone know how much louder a muffler delete is from a Flowmaster super 40 series on a 3rd gen 5.7l ram?
  2. Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    I have a 2008 Ram 1500 trx4 with the 4 speaker system. My truck doesn’t have accessories such as steering wheel controls, etc. I’m installing a double din FH-S501BT which is a very simple system, has CD player and Bluetooth that’s about it. I need help with what wiring harness to buy because a...
  3. Gen 3 Dodge Ram
    So I recently purchased a Pioneer FH-S501BT to put in my 2008 trx4 Ram 1500. This is the first time ever installing a radio and this radio should be easy to put in but I am at a crossroads. What I want to do is buy a wiring harness to wire onto the harness that came with my radio but have no...
  4. 5.7L V8 Specific Topics
    I’m new here and I figured I’d give this a shot. I’ve got an 08 ram with a 5.7 hemi that’s been randomly shutting off. Earlier today I tired to start it and it immediately died twice in a row. It started and after driving it for maybe 5 or so minutes it started running rough. When I’d give it...
  5. Body & Interior
    so my truck has had a flat black wrap on it since I bought it June 2014. I hear vinyl wraps have a shelf life of about 5 years and I have no clue on how long its been on or the condition of the paint underneath. Now the question is should I take the wrap off in hopes that the paint is still good...
  6. Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    So I am getting a 12" subwoofer for my ram but I am trying to decide on where to put it. So far I have found two options: 1. A custom box that fits in the storage space under the back seats or 2. a custom box that sits in the middle of the back directly behind the console and over the back...
1-6 of 7 Results