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  1. 2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have a 2011 ram 1500 with the 5.7 in it. a little while ago my check engine light popped on on a very cold morning whenI started up my truck. I checked the code and it says “radiator temperature gauge permanent damage” and the gauge doesnt read anything other than all the way cold. Im just...
  2. 2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    I need some help. My sister had someone disassemble my dads truck while he is in the VA Hospital. Last year he had 2 strokes and after the 2nd one he was sent to rehab in Pearland,TX he was transferred to the VA and the COVID-19 hit so I had not been able to see him. He has PTSD, failing...
  3. 2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    It is looking like I am going to need to replace my driver side cv axle in the relative near future. I figure I will just replace both at the same time. My question is, does anyone make a stronger version for our front half shafts that would be more suited to off-roading than highway use? I...
1-3 of 3 Results