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  1. 2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    2013 Dodge Ram SLT 4.7 need the torque specs for water pump and is there any order I need to tighten them or anything I need to put on bolts when reinstalling? thanks a ton for your time
  2. Service To A Stranger

    Getting ready to pull a guy out of a big ditch in the parking field. The ditches are hard to see at night. My tires are about done; and the grass is slick with dew. But with the weight of the loaded JohnnyBox, the Ram pulls the KIA out with ease. No problem.
  3. Service To The Senior

    The Ram had to be unhitched to help the ol' Gray Ghost with a jump to get started. New battery is due when we get home.
  4. Another Show!

    Loading up the Ram with the JohnnyBox and the Gray Ghost. Heading to Gettysburg in the morning for the year's second and final antique car show.
  5. Now We're Haulin'

    Finally, a car show in June that wasn't cancelled. Heading to Coolspring, Pennsylvania; awesome museum there. The JohnnyBox is loaded with what I borrowed it for in the first place: 3,800 pounds of 54-year-old gorgeous iron. That's what the trailer weighs, too.
  6. Another Long Haul

    Another great deal on a good, cheap car. She likes this one better. North Carolina was a short trip.
  7. Long Haul

    What a great deal on a cheap car for my youngest daughter, worth going to Georgia to get it. Love those southern cars . . . no rust. Rented a lightweight trailer; the JohnnyBox is for protecting the antiques, and it's real heavy.
  8. Delivered To Your Front Door

    Now that's how you park a trailer stuffed full of furniture . . . right up to the front porch. Helping my other son move into his first home after graduation. Thank goodness, no remodeling necessary.
  9. Never Too Early

    ". . . 'mon back, Atticus . . . easy now . . . a little more . . . ho! Right there. Good job, Atticus.
  10. Debris Removal

    Hauling away junk and debris from remodeling the kitchen . . . my son's kitchen. No, I just do menial labor and hauling.
  11. Agriculture Assistance

    My son again, he's got a new hobby . . . gardening. His soil needs a lot of help. This Ram ain't squattin' no more.
  12. Squat No More

    Installing TufTruck's TTC-1211 heavy-duty specialty towing rear coil springs. Easy Peasy. Those OEM coils are impotent. Com'on, Fiat. Get with it, these are American trucks!
  13. Moving Buddies

    Helping a good friend move his family and all their stuff. I don't like the squatting that I'm seeing here.
  14. Borrowing The Johnny Box

    My good brother lets me borrow his enclosed trailer for the upcoming summer season.
  15. Reuniting Daughter And Car

    My precious daughter finally makes it to rehabilitation, and is doing so well that she is permitted to have her car. That's drug rehab, so this was a very happy day. She completed the 8-month program and is living free from addiction today.
  16. Furniture Mover

    Serving the needs of my daughter during a recent move.
  17. Remodeling Materials

    My son keeps this Ram fairly busy with his home projects. He was wise to keep his truck in the family.
  18. More Remodeling

    Almost always available to help my kids.
  19. First Towing Duty

    My Ram's first towing duty: moving my son from Iowa to Kentucky.
  20. 2013 Ram 1500 Express ST

    Bringing home a "new" 2013 Ram 1500 Express, purchased from my son in May 2019. He gave me a deal that no one could refuse. A plain-jane but good-looking truck with only 62,000 miles.
1-20 of 61 Results