1. Grinding Noise front end 2014 Ram 3500 4x4

    4TH Generation Dodge Ram – 2009 to 2018
    My truck has a loud, horrible grinding noise coming from the front end. Sounds like the tab dragging when the brakes are bad, but the brakes are good. It came on all at once and doesn't quit. I had been pulling an empty horse trailer about 100 miles, and this started when I pulled down our...
  2. Electrical problems that just started one day.

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    Head lights won’t shut off and Truck won’t restart unless I pump the gas peddle. Upon plugging it in the codes say Engine cooling system fault and on the instrument cluster on the dash says fuel system .. HELP Anyone
  3. Slight whining noise in differential after repair

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hi there, I have a 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 Bighorn. 3.6 liter V6. My first truck! Got it almost a year ago now. Been loving it for sure. So the other day, I noticed a leak coming from the pinion gear seal on the front end of my differential. I went ahead and bought a new seal, put it in, and...
  4. 2014 Ram

    2014 Ram

    <p>5.7 Hemi LoneStar</p>
  5. 2014 Big Horn Crew

    2014 Big Horn Crew

  6. 2014 Big Horn Crew

    2014 Big Horn Crew

  7. 2014 Big Horn Crew

    2014 Big Horn Crew

  8. 2014 Big Horn Crew

    2014 Big Horn Crew

  9. 2014 Big Horn Crew

    2014 Big Horn Crew

  10. 2014 Big Horn Crew

    2014 Big Horn Crew

  11. 2014 Big Horn Crew

    2014 Big Horn Crew

  12. 6.4 Cam install on 2012 5.7

    Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7 Hemi V8
    Had an issue with Cylinder #5 misfire. Once looked into found the problem is lifter seized and ground down the cam. Since i already have it opened up i would like to install at least a slight upgrade if i can. I have seen a couple threads on people doing this. Would i be able to use a 6.4 cam...
  13. 2014 Ram 2500 Tradesman 4x4 Rear Shock Bolt Upper

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have a 2014 Tradesman 4x4 with an 8" lift the dealer installed. The shocks were updated and I changed them out as well. I get a "click" in the rear of the truck when the body rolls. I suspect that I didn't get the top shock bolt tightened sufficiently, may have backed off. When I installed...
  14. Camping December 2014

    Camping December 2014

    <p>This was my camping rig for my Elk hunting trip December 2014</p>
  15. My son in front of my truck

    My son in front of my truck

    <p>This was my truck about 2 months after I bought it (around May of 2014).</p>
  16. My 2014 Ram 1500

    My 2014 Ram 1500

    <p>This is a picture of my truck a month after I bought it in March of 2014.</p>
  17. 5.7 Hemi Stalling Problem

    5.7L (345 cu in) HEMI V8 Specific Topics
    Hi all, I have a a 2014 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi with close to 79k miles. I've had this truck since new and I had no complaints about it until recently when the check engine light turned on and my truck would stall/turn off/EVIC system would display a message somewhere along the lines 'Shift to P to...
  18. 2014 Ram 2500

    I am having a couple of issues I hope someone can give me some insight. (1) passenger window will not roll down from driver switch or passenger switch. The passenger mirror will no longer adjust with switches. The power locks are all Still working though. Turn signal and puddle light in that...
  19. 2014 RAM 2500 Cummins Water Separator

    Hey everyone, I apologize if this question had already been asked, my searches could not find a thread that addressed the question yet. I have a '14 RAM 2500 6.7L Cummins, and with it being the first Diesel truck I have owned, I am being very cautious of abiding to the necessary maintenance...
  20. Information/Rant

    Body & Interior
    Before I had my Ram, my main focus was always comfort & performance over body/exterior. My '06 Fusion had a cracked front bumper, cracked rear bumper, and some of the chrome on the grill was out of place or loose. This being said I made a decision on my Ram recently, in which I've been...