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  1. 2012 Ram 1500 V6 - GAS Programmers

    3.7L (226 cu in) PowerTech V6 Specific Topics
    Hello All, As you could probably imagine, I am having a hell of a time trying to find a tuner/programmer for my poor V6. I am completely open to suggestions on absolutely anything as this will be my first tuning of a vehicle in my lifetime. Any information you can give, brands to stay away...
  2. 09 ram1500 3.7L v6 fuel economy increase

    3.7L (226 cu in) PowerTech V6 Specific Topics
    hi what can i do to increase the fuel economy on my 09 ram 1500 quad cab with a 3.7L v6. I make 16mpg to 16.5 hwy and city driving. I really need to increase the mpg. hurting the wallet too much. any help is greatly appreciated