1. 3.92 Rear Axle Question

    Good Morning Everyone, My son has a 2004 Ram 1500 4x4 with the 3.92 ratio. He was driving the truck and didn't realize that it was leaking from the rear seal and in time, heated up the housing and stripped the ring/pinion gear. I replaced the gears and seals, but there was a small amount of...
  2. 2018 Ram 1500 5.7 - Towing?

    2018 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hi all! I'm looking at buying a 2018 1500 Big Horn Quad Cab, with a 5.7 liter Hemi MDS VVT motor, 3.92 rear axle ratio, 20-inch wheels, 8-speed auto transmission, towing package with integrated braking. The dealer says this combo will tow up to 10,000 pounds. I have a 27' travel trailer...
  3. Hard Decision for Oil Change on 2010 Ram 1500 4x4 5.7L 3.92

    Oil Change
    The last guy that owned the truck and did the oil change took it in to a mom and pop oil change spot and they put is Havoline 5w-20 and a no name oil filter? So I am ready to change the oil now and was thinking of taking it back to them since I loved the way the truck felt, but I am not going to...
  4. Compatibility of my truck?

    4.7L PowerTech V8 Specific Topics
    first off thanks for taking the time to read this. About my truck: dodge ram 03 1500 slt 8 ft bed reg cab 4.7l v8 4x4 3.92 gear ratio. My situation: I bought my truck for $300 with a blown rear end assuming it wouldn't cost much. I was obviously wrong because now i'm here. cost is around...
  5. rear ends - one disk, one drum

    4.7L PowerTech V8 Specific Topics
    I have an 03 ram with 3.92 gear ratio with drum brakes. (no good) I purchased a 04 rear end with 3.92 ratio with disc brakes. ($150.00) The obvious question here is whats the best solution to make the new rear end work on my truck. Thanks. -John
  6. 3.21 Open Rear End VS 3.92 Auburn LSD Swap

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    It's time boys. Finally took the $2k plunge. Bought the Auburn 5420145 LSD, factory Mopar 3.92 gears, and have an appointment booked for mid next week to get it all installed. :smileup: Truck is a 2014 1500 Reg cab short box, on 31.5" tall winter tires, in other words zero traction off the...
  7. Reprogram speedometer after changing differential gears

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    Is it necessary to reprogram the speedometer after changing differential gears from 3.92 to 3.21. I just completed the swap and it seems my speedometer is correct. I don't have an easy way to judge, but traffic flow is steady. Also, with the 3.92 gears at 70mph I would tach almost 2,000rpm...
  8. 3.92 gears and fuel un-economy!!

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have a 2014 4x4 Laramie with 3.92 gears, crew cab, air suspension, sun roof, 20' rims, 32 gallon tank... etc. I am getting only 13.9 to 14.5 mpg! My truck has about 2500 miles and the MPG since new is 14.5. Every time I fill up I reset my trip 2 counter and get about 400 miles out of a 28...
  9. trying to buy but 3.21!!!!

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    Hey guys please help me out here. I'm trying to buy, well find and buy a 2013 ram 1500 sport 4x4 fully loaded with 3.92 gearing with low miles. I haven't found one yet!! They are impossible to find. So my question is.... Is it practical to buy a 3.21 and pay to have the 3.92s put in?? I got a...
  10. 2014 1500 Outdoorsman 5.7l 8sp 3.92

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    Just got home from a long day of driving 1200 km to pick up my new truck (pics will be posted soon I promise!) from Airdrie Chrysler Dodge Jeep just North of Calgary AB. I AM SUPER PUMPED ABOUT THIS TRUCK!!!!!!! The service I received from Sean @ the dealership was great and I won't...
  11. 2012 Sport Tranny Issues

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hey yall..Got a few wierd things going on with my new sport 1500. 1- At idle if the trannys got any bind on it, like foot lightly on the brake or turning hard, the tranny shimmys/pulsates pretty good. 2 - between 40-50 mph if its coasting in im guessing 5th gear?, when you start acclerating...
  12. Rear end questions

    5.2L V8 Specific Topics
    I just recently purchased another ram.. '98 1500 4x4 quad cab, 5.2, auto. It needs a rear end, the boy I bought it from had completely disassembled it and the ring and pinion had teeth broken. The tag says 3.9, the build sheet from Dodge says 3.92 with trac loc, and when I call looking at...
  13. 3.55 Axle Ratio vs. 3.92 Axle Ratio

    Performance Mods - Engine - 4.7 Liter V8
    Has anyone test drove to compare the 3.55 vs. 3.92 ? I just picked mine up yesterday and I have the 3.55 (It's kinda tough to find one with the 3.92). Anyway, I love the truck and couldn't be happier so far but, I guess I was just wondering. BTW, I decided to put the Q. here rather than in...