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  1. 3rd gen to 4th gen bumper conversion

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    2007 5.9 Mega cab
  2. My 3rd Gen's Evolution

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    Just thought it might make a cool thread showing the evolution of my third gen over the 8yrs and 2mos I had her. Stock Leveled and Exhaust Heavy Duty Tow hooks Now Black Tow Hooks and Nitto Trail Grapplers Yellow Fogs Smoked Cab Lights, also debadged the doors and the SLT and 4x4...
  3. Safety Recall on my 03 Ram 1500

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    Chrysler sent me a safety recall (P78/NHTSA 14V-770) Stating that there is a defect in the passener side airbag on Ram trucks 2002-2005 in the 1500/2500/3500 models. It states the airbag inflator housing may rupture due to excessive internal pressure. That it is more likely to occur if my...
  4. '06-'08 1500 Non-Mega Cab Moog Suspension Part #'s

    These are the parts numbers from Bumper to Bumper Auto Parts and should fit all 1500s except mega cabs. Upper Ball Joint-------------------K100115 Lower Ball Joint-------------------K7411 Outside Tie Rod Ends--------------ES80574 Sway Bar Link---------------------K80894 I was also told that...
  5. 3RD Gen Audio Upgrade

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    Hello together, My first post (generally) here´s what i´ve done: Upgrade the infinity system with JL Audio speakers: Use components: JL Audio ZR650 CSI front system JL Audio 10W3v3-4: 10-inch (250 mm) Subwoofer Driver...
  6. Vibration for an unknown source

    Here's the story. About a month ago I was passing someone a got to a relatively high speed around 95mph I believe. At this speed the truck began to vibrate very loudly in a droning fashion. A few moments later after I got down to high way speed white smoke began poring out the back. long story...
  7. Power issues

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    I have a 2003 1500 hemi. I've changed the alternator and battery, as I was told by a mechanic. But the battery gauge is still showing no power, and more than 15 minutes on the road proves a fatal mistake. I've had the battery and alternator tested, both good. I can't find any obvious ware or...
  8. My 08 Big Horn. Help mod her!

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    I bought her on April 21st of this year. So far she has 20% tint with a 5% tint banner, tailgate bar, 20" GFX rims (came with it), Kenwood deck, Red led dome lights and footwells, and SI/DO Flowmaster super 44 to 4" tips. Next on my list is going to be led tail lights and some subs. Help give me...
  9. P0308 Cylander 8 Missfire

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    Hey guys, Hey i'm new here and was wondering if anyone has had this problem, and sucessfully fixed it. Iv'e had the check engine light on and off for a good 6 months, this week was the worst, cause i actually thought the tranny was slipping. After driving to the beach, about an hour of...
  10. Gear Shift issues On 04 Ram 3500.

    Body & Interior
    I bought a 04 Ram 3500 Quad Cab DRW. At the dealer they told me all of the recalls were complete on my truck. However, my automatic gear shift indicator has a "box" that outlines the gear it is in (ie. Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive) sometimes does not outline the Park, Neutral or Reverse...