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  1. 5.7L V8 Specific Topics
    I am posting this for a friend. I told him I would post it here for some additional input. Dodge Ram 2005 Transmission will not shift. My truck has just over 160k miles and last month i pulled into my driveway and parked with no notice of loud noises. I attempted to start my truck 2 days...
  2. 5.7L V8 Specific Topics
    Short Version: Sudden downshift when coming home, going approx. 70mph, no OD, P0700 code, limp mode, cleared code w/hyperpac, code came back but did have normal shifting. This is my daily driver/kid hauler/has to be reliable. Longer Version: 175000, very clean truck, no mud or offroad duty...
  3. Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7 Hemi V8
    I've got a 45RFE trans, which I'm sure is a 4 speed (1, 2, 2p, 3, and 4). But my Superchips 3865 Flashpaq gives me options for shift points for those gears, as well as from 4 up to 5, and back down. Does this actually do anything? I'm very confused.
1-3 of 3 Results