5.9 cummins

  1. What does this part do?

    So, short story long... 2005 5.9 long bed quad cab work truck. my truck steering and brakes went out 9 months ago. Was able to limp it back to my shop, but power steering and brakes were gone. Steering already sucked. Pulled the pump and gear box 9 months ago. Saved up money for quality 2012...
  2. About to purchase- what do I need to look out for?

    Found a truck that hits almost everything on my list of wants- just want to know if there's anything I should make sure to check for. It's a 2006 2500 mega cab Laramie with the 5.9 diesel, 163K, new tranny but not sure how long ago, new u joints, 4" lift. I'm taking it to my mechanic tomorrow...
  3. Need to find bcm

    Hey eveybody my 02 dodge 3500 was having issues with the factory alarm system not disengauging so we had it towed to the dealer were they told use the BCM was bad and dodge no longer makes the BCM for that truck i really need to find an aftermarket site that i can get one because this is what we...
  4. 98 cummins crank, no start, fuel to IP

    Cummins Diesel Specific Topics
    Sorry if this has already been posted and talked about, i couldnt find anything even remotely close! In short, the pickup ran fine, was parked overnight then restarted the next day, engine died after a few minutes and was never able to restart. There is fuel to the injector pump but not at the...
  5. towing 16000 lb 5th wheel

    Hi, I have a 2002 1T DRW 5.9 SLT. The truck is in great shape and I have done a LOT of PM, flush cooling stsyem, new Thermostat and new rubber. Lots of Front end and brakes, Auto Trans, the larger HD one for that year, added Trans Temp Guage. Will be using as two vehicle for full time RV...