1. Need advice! 6.4 vs 6.7

    Guys I'm new to the forum and actually own a Silverado right now and have made the decision to go to a Ram... I have found a couple 2500 that I'm interested in and trying to decide between the 6.7 or 6.4. First off I do not tow much occasionally a bass boat or small stuff so this is not a...
  2. Cummins 6.7 diesel irregular noise "Thwop"

    Cummins Diesel Specific Topics
    My truck is a 2007 6.7 lt Cummins diesel - first generation of the 6.7. It is equipped with a Bullydog GT and Banks air intake system. About 2 years ago I installed the air intake and at the same time I upgraded the GT software. About this time I believe it occurred, I get this intermittent...
  3. 2011 h&s mini max, egr, dpf, ccv delete mpg HELP!

    Performance Mods - Engine - Dodge Cummins Diesel
    I bought a 2011 cummins 4x4 and it already had h&s mini max and dpf delete 4" straight pipe. It only got about 15 mpg. I installed s&b cold air intake, sinister egr delete and 5" straight pipe w/ flow through muffler. My mpg went DOWN 1mpg!?!:4-dontknow: What could be the issue? I'm stumped! I...
  4. 68RFE Didn't Engage

    Cummins Diesel Specific Topics
    Just traded in a 2011 2500 HD Denali for a 3500 Longhorn DRW 6.7. I tested the Denali DRW, Ford King Ranch DRW and the Ram. Ram got it right. More features on this truck than any other and the ride was the best of the 3. However, i have already experienced one problem and have less than 100...