1. Uconnect 17.43.01 Update Ruined sound Quality 2017

    2017 Dodge Ram Forum
    This is a very similar, if not identical problem that the 2018-2019 also had with their Uconnect update. I updated to version 17.43.01 because when I did a search with my VIN on the Uconnect update site, it stated I had an update, which I did via USB on my 2017 RAM 1500 Night Edition with the...
  2. 8.4AN USB or SD card media question

    2015 Dodge Ram Forum
    My ordered truck should be arriving at the dealer in about a week, and I'm gearing up for the 350 mile drive home. Does the 8.4AN radio show the album art when playing music from an SD card or USB thumb drive? I ask because I have a choice between two methods of copying my .mp3 files to the...
  3. Radio Error Logging By UConnect

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have the 8.4AN radio and code level 13.19.0. My radio reboots itself roughly once each week. Each time it reboots twice, with the first reboot displaying a plain screen (no time, no icons, etc.) then it immediately reboots again and the second time everything comes back (icons, station...
  4. 8.4AN Radio Head Unit Registration?

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    I was looking through the different screens on the my 8.4 radio today and on one of the screens (It was one of the Apps screens) it first stated "loading" then I received a message that said the head unit was not registered. The options were to register it or skip. I skipped as I didn't know I...