1. Unusual A/C problem

    Ok, as the title says this is kind of an unusual A/C problem. So I was on a 7 hr long road trip today and at the start my A/C was working fine but for the last two hours there was no airflow from the vents, and I mean there was absolutely no air coming through at all. The blower was still...
  2. A/C line at firewall

    Heating & Cooling
    Hoping for the best, expecting the worst. So while I was replacing spark plugs on my 2011 1500, I must have pushed on the AC lines and saw freon escape from below the expansion valve at the fire wall. There is no longer cold air. Is there any chance that I disturbed the O-ring and could replace...
  3. A/C Refrigerant leak 09 1500 TRX

    2009 Dodge Ram Forum
    anyone know of a schematic for the A/C refrigerant lines on an 09 1500 TRX haven't found the leak yet but want to get ahead of the game so I know where to look when I put in Dye. if the lines run behind anything and I cant see where the leak is I want to be able to have a good idea where to...
  4. Heeelp! Air Conditioning struck on "defrost"

    Heating & Cooling
    Hey guys -- I really need help on this -- there is a small tube (made of hardish plastic), that comes out of the firewall on the starboard (that's right-side when facing forward), side of the engine compartment -- the small tube attaches to another tube that looks like a vacuum hose. However...
  5. A/C system recharge

    Heating & Cooling
    I have a Ram 1500 5.7l hemi with approximately 140k miles. The A/C stopped blowing cold air. I was told by a mechanic friend of mine that if my a/c system does not have any/enough refrigerant in it then the compressor clutch will not engage. (which it doesn't) Would it be worth the $39.99 to by...
  6. AC and side view mirrors not working

    2009 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have an issue with my 09 dodge ram crew cab SLT. I turn the ac on to max and the light comes on but no ac. In the winter i noticed the side view defrost kight turns on when pressed but mirrors dont defrost. I NEED HELP. IDEAS OR FIXES PLEASE TIA
  7. 2007 Ram 1500 A/C condensor Fan fix

    Hey guys, I haven't posted much but I wanted to share something with you that I had some difficulty finding solutions for online. On the 2007 Ram, the A/C condensor fan may quit working unexpectedly. In my case, when I looked online to find a fix, everyone said "change the fan". Well I fixed...
  8. 2005 Hemi Blend Door Question

    Heating & Cooling
    Can the Blend Door affect the cooling of the A/C of it is broken? Here's the basic run down of what I'm dealing with: About 3 years ago my Blend Door broke and I removed it. The A/C and Heater have been working fine up until now. Now the A/C is blowing cold and hot off and on. It...
  9. 2013 Ram 1500 Climate Control Problems

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    Is anyone else having/had problems with the climate control on their 2013 Ram 1500? Here's what's happening with mine: Recirculate comes on when the truck is started but no indicator light. I have to press the button (turning it on and then indicator light comes on) and then press the button...
  10. Recirculation actuator

    2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    some wires got stuck near the recirculation vent door that rotates up and down behind the glove box which caused gears to strip or plastic to break so now that vent door only moves 1/4 of an inch and will not seal the opening so i am not getting full recirculation of the air in my cabin. What i...
  11. A/C cold at idle warm at over 1500 rpm

    Heating & Cooling
    I think i had the start of this problem last its 9 feels like 100 in Houston and once i take off down the road it gets warm even at a steady 60 mph. I was thinking it was the orifice tube. So I bought a liquid line with fixed orifice and replaced and 2 lbs of synthetic extra cold...
  12. 07 1500 HEMI A/C issues

    Heating & Cooling
    Please Help!!!! My vents blow cold air on the passenger side and warm air on the driver side!!! NOBODY believes me untill they check it out for themselves and then I get stuff like; "wow!!! That's wierd" or "hmmm... I don't know" My next step is going to dealer or A/C place... I'm not the type...
  13. Newbie here! First Dodge Ram. question on blower motor

    Heating & Cooling
    Air is cold and on high its humming very loud and the air is coming out like its on low. I read some other thread about a flap blocking the air. I bought a new blower because I live in Houston and it's freakin HOT!!!
  14. A/C Clutch Issue

    Heating & Cooling
    Well fellas I have been dealing with the no air conditioning issue with my truck for about a year now. Living in Arizona that just isn't possible anymore. :FIREdevil: I have changed the a/c clutch relay,fuses and had the refrigerant levels checked, so I know those are both good. My A/C clutch...
  15. 90 Dodge Ram A/C conversion

    Heating & Cooling
    My grandpa's ram is blowing warm air when the a/c is on. He wants to convert it over to the 134a but every converter kit we have tried will not fit. How do I convert this over since the R12 is not made anymore?
  16. A/C mod & heater core bypass

    Heating & Cooling
    I want to make the air conditioner in my 2011 ram colder. Living in an area with heat indexes at 100+ degrees in the summer months, the typical car or truck A/C just can't keep up. In a previous truck I had I by-passed the heater core with a vacuum actuated valve. The valve would open &...
  17. A/C heat defrost is all jacked up

    Heating & Cooling
    Just got my 2006 ram yesterday and I love it, however last night my windows iced over and I found out only the passenger side defrost works...after noticing this I relized that the ac and heat hardly put out air when on full speed. They get hot and cold just don't put out much out of the vents...
  18. 2010 Dodge Ram Air Conditioner Question

    2010 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can answer this a/c question for me. The a/c in my new Ram works fine; however, when I push the button to turn the a/c off, nothing seems to happen. The compressor continues to run. Doesn't this system allow for use of only the fan - or is the compressor alway...
  19. 98 Dodge 1500 4x4 5.9L / No Power to A/C Clutch

    Hi, new here. I am struggling with my a/c. I replaced the compressor and clutch. The system is fully charged. When I jump out the clutch it works and a/c cools and guages all show normal. There is no power at the clutch plug, all fuses and relays are good and have been checked. Wher do I go from...
  20. A/C Problem

    Heating & Cooling
    I'm having a weird problem with my 2002 Ram 1500 A/C. The driver side vents are ice cold, the passenger side vents are equivalent to outside air temp. I've recently bought this truck used, so I'm trying to diagnose all the problems. In looking at the blower motor connection under the dash, they...