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  1. Cab roof wind jammer: Suggestions..?

    Hi Ramz, Does anyone know of any kits that mount a cab-roof wind jammer (i.e. aerofoil / wing), to help the air get over my 5th wheel trailer? Any ideas greatly appreciated! - D
  2. Air Deflctor

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  3. Hood Air Deflector

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hello, I was wondering if there really is a benefit in having an air deflector for my 2012 Ram 2500. Does it really deflect air, dirt, etc.. over the top of the hood while driving? I bought a 4x4 turbo diesel and want to take care of it. The most I have ever invested in a vehicle. I do love...
  4. Air dam/Air deflector, help needed!

    Custom Modifications- Interior & Exterior Body
    So ever since I bought my truck I've been wanting to put back the air dam or air deflector since it didn't come with it, I order one from ebay and just arrived today, to my surprise it DOESN'T fit =( I went back to see the products I bought on ebay and it says "air deflector valance for 94-02...