airbag light

  1. Help me Trouble shoot: airbag light and no cruise control

    My airbag light is on and my cruise control doesn't work. Somehow I think they are related because they both are in the steering wheel and connect to other stuff -- e.g. the cruise control buttons are on the wheel but go to the engine and the airbag is in the steering wheel but goes to the...
  2. Airbag Dash Indicator Fix (Tutorial)

    Dodge Ram Knowledge Base
    Hey everyone. I recently purchased my O5 Daytona and it had the Airbag light on. I was seriously worried. When I read up a bit I found it was easily solvable with some simple soldering. This method also saves you over $30. I couldn't find a tutorial anywhere with pictures or anything! So here...
  3. intake and airbag and lift questions.

    Performance Mods - Engine - 8.0 Liter V10
    im looking for a cold air intake for my dodge. as i have installed a second battery where k&n would normaly put the box for theirs. im trying to do a custom job cheaply. under $100. the second thing im having issues with is the dang airbag light. i have checked my airbags and replaced my...
  4. Electrical Issue

    I just changed out my 03 5.7Hemi wth an 04 5.7 Hemi. I got it all buttoned up and everything put back where it belongs. The issue that I am having is that now my Airbag, ABS and Brake dash lights are on. My speedometer does not work and my HVAC panel doesnt work. This happened to me once before...