1. 8.4 Uconnect amp help!!!

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    I have a 2014 ram 1500 with the uConnect base model. I already changed all the door speakers and tweeters to kicker but I want it a little louder. I wanted to run a 4 channel amp to all the door speakers and maybe get subs but probably not. How do I got about doing if anybody can help!?
  2. AMP Research Power Steps Installed 2016 RAM

    Custom Modifications- Interior & Exterior Body
    Just finished up the install of AMP Research's Power Steps. Install is fairly straight forward but there were some minor glitches in the directions when it came to the emergency brake line bracket install. The problem is mislabeled part numbers but no bother anyone can figure it out plus the...
  3. Rear door speakers not working?

    I have a 2007 Ram 1500. I few months ago I installed a new head unit along with an amp to power two subs and a second amp to power all of the speakers. Everything worked great. I recently noticed that my rear door speakers were not working. (I think they worked after the initial install but im...
  4. Truxedo lopro qt with bed extender

    Custom Modifications- Interior & Exterior Body
    Question: is anybody using an Amp Bed extender Hd with the truxedo lopro qt. I impulse ordered one yesterday and when I got home I realized the rails are inside the bed. On Truxedo's website it says you need 3 inches, I don't seem to have that so was wondering if any body is amble to actually...
  5. Sub/Amp problems

    Hey guys, so I installed a amp/sub that i had previously in my Grand Cherokee. Well, my Ram has a stock radio so I had to use a Line Out Converter to get a signal to the amp. So i got it installed and all ways good... for about 2 weeks. Well, now when I turn up the radio, level knob (on the...
  6. Amp Power Steps Problem

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    Hey everyone, just looking to see if anyone has any experience installing these things or troubleshooting. I installed them yesterday and other than being bit of a pain, we didn't really run into any issues. Of course not until it was time to put the fuse in and watch the magic happen, or lack...
  7. newbie radio question..

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    i have a 12 megacab dsl, 4x4 with rbh head unit and all the uconnect options and alpine speaker package. my sons have finally swayed me into installing a sub and amp and want to do other speakers as well. i purchased an rca converter but let me tell ya I am so confused with all the cross info...
  8. Easy aftermarket Sub wiring

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    I have a 2012 Ram with DVD and rear sub. After searching the forums for the best way to add a new sub and amp, I went to my local dealer. He sold me a $12 kicker wiring kit to add on the existing sub leads and convert it to RCA plugs. No need to take the dash apart. I have a remote controller to...
  9. AMP suggestions for 2 SA 12s

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have decided to go with NetAudio's dual 12" sealed enclosure for my 2012 Crew Cab. Since I should gain the ability to fold the back seats down, I should have a few inches to play with back there (thats what she said...) I think I am going to get the D4s and wire them down to 1ohm, so what AMP...
  10. Amp Research Power Step install problem

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    Due to my work schedule, I took my 2013 Ram 2500 4x4 to a shop to have the Amp Research Power Steps installed. The installer was listed on the Amp Research website as a dealer. I dropped the truck off at 8:00 am to get the steps installed while I was at work. I returned after work and waited...
  11. a few questions about my 02 ram

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    ok so i have a few questions. I blew my front door speaker in my 02 ram, it has the factory infinity system in it. I was just planning on replacing the 4 door speakers in the front and rear with 4 ohm speakers. Is it okay to replace 2 ohm speakers with 4 ohm speakers? the speakers i wanted to...
  12. 130 RES Radio Amplifier

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    I have the 130 RES radio (without Uconnect) and I was wondering if I could add an amplifier to it. Yes, I know an aftermarket system would sound better but I like the look of the stock radio and I don't have the money now to get a new system. Any suggestions for amps and installation would be...
  13. anyone upgrade the alpine sound system?

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    ive got the garmen 430n nav system with the alpine speaker upgrade in my 2012 ram quad cab. of course this system comes with that little subwoofer under the passenger rear seat. i have 2 10" kicker comp subs i took out of my 2005 ram and they are already in the box that fits perfectly under the...
  14. 2010 CC RER alpine questions

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    ok guys, i have a brand new 2010 CC with the RER alpine 9+sub audio system. so far nice system but the sub sucks.if i could control the sub i think i would be ok. i dont want to loose the NAV and not looking to enter any contests. so i am thinking about just replaceing the sub with after market...