1. Ported Box

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    Looking for a pre fab ported box for under the seats of my crew cab. I’m needing it for two 10” but I’m having trouble finding one in the San Antonio region. Is there a trusted site or business you all would refer? TIA
  2. Sub Box - BBox or Fox

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    I'm look for a good solution to put a sub under the rear seat of my '14 quad cab that is cheaper than the JL stealthbox. I've come up with two possibilities. One from BBox and one from Fox Acoustics. Click on the brand name for links to the individual products. I am curious if anyone has...
  3. 2002 Dodge Ram Infinity Sound System?

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    Hello all, I just picked up a new (used) 2002 Ram 1500 with the infinity sound system. Right now it is sounding like both door speakers are gonna need replacing. So I did my research, and it's looking like it won't be your typical speaker swap. I'd like to upgrade the headunit to a Pioneer...
  4. Best Double Din Head Unit

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I had a question on what everyone's favorite head unit was. I'm looking to purchase my girlfriend one for Christmas to go in her 05 Camry -- now hold on before you start pelting me with stones -- I know this is RamForumz, but double din head units are double din head units no...
  5. 8.4AN and JBL MS-8

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    So I've had my 1500 CC Laramie with the 3.0 diesel,for about two weeks. I traded out of a 2008 F250 with the 6.4 diesel and there is no comparison. My fuel savings are making half my payment, the truck certainly wasn't free, but cutting my fuel costs in half are huge, nearly $200 per month...
  6. PREVIOUS SETUP (evolution)(and possible future too)

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    This is what i had, well, still have, but not in my truck. its getting redone (you'll see why) I'll take you on through the evolution. This is what i started with. alpine stereo, Pioneer speakers, (I dont like alpine or pioneer but thats what i got.) Then lucky me i came in contact...
  7. Charging / Discharging capacitor help?

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    My friends S10 died awhile ago, they're now scrapping it. We plan to put his subs in his Taurus. My question is do i need to discharge the cap for removal? Then re-charge for installation? The S10 also hasn't been ran in while, so the cap might not be all the way full. subs? I get. I've never...
  8. Newer audio stuff?

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    This might be a dumb question, but what is this stuff I keep seeing? I have a 2001 sport, so this stuff is not in mine, but I'm still curious. RHB REN RHR Uconnect RES ^^what is all that?
  9. Bluetooth audio issues

    I have 2013 RAM with the 8in touchscreen. I paired my Samsung S3 my device shows up as paired both in the phone and audio settings tab. However when I get back into the truck only the phone function auto connects. If I press the media soft key button the display reads "no device connected". I...
  10. a few questions about my 02 ram

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    ok so i have a few questions. I blew my front door speaker in my 02 ram, it has the factory infinity system in it. I was just planning on replacing the 4 door speakers in the front and rear with 4 ohm speakers. Is it okay to replace 2 ohm speakers with 4 ohm speakers? the speakers i wanted to...
  11. My 08 Big Horn. Help mod her!

    Dodge Ram Pictures - Photos
    I bought her on April 21st of this year. So far she has 20% tint with a 5% tint banner, tailgate bar, 20" GFX rims (came with it), Kenwood deck, Red led dome lights and footwells, and SI/DO Flowmaster super 44 to 4" tips. Next on my list is going to be led tail lights and some subs. Help give me...
  12. Good Company for Sub Box?

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    i have a 2009 crew cab that i want to install my 4-5 year old kicker comp 10" subs. What is a good company/brand of sub box? I dont want or need anything fancy. Just a good clean sound. Im not looking to blow the windows out of the truck!
  13. Cleanest / Classiest way to add some Boom

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    Just wanted to share a great product with everyone I had a JL Audio Stealthbox in my 2008 Sierra the one I had went in the cubby hole/storage area under the bench seat arm rest and thats why I love the stealthbox line they use available space in a clean way check out this link for Quad Cab...
  14. 2002 Replacement Speaker Issue

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    Hello all, I have been upgrading my 2002 ram 1500's audio system, and have successfully installed a subwoofer, new rear speakers, and new front speakers. (and am working on the tweeters). Unfortunately as you may know, infinity decided to put a crossover in the system where the front speaker...
  15. Navigation Problems

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Started to use my Nav system and noticed the following, When in turn by turn mode the spoken directions are very faint and there doesn't seem to be a way to increase the volume. Only the left hand speakers are muted for the directions, In using the phoine - both right and left speakers are...
  16. 7" Alpine headrest monitor install question!

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    I am installing the Alpine PKG-M780 headrest monitor set into my megacab. The control box has red (power), black (ground), and yellow (parking brake lead). I don't want the monitors to turn off for the backseat when i release the parking brake. Can i just connect to acc power? BTW, the...
  17. Port tuning

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    i recently posted a 134.8 at a spl show with my 2003 dodge ram 1500 quad cab. ive been doing some research on how to make it louder and what frequency it should be tuned to. it is currently tuned to 33htz but ive read that you should tune it to the trucks resonant frequency. can someone help me...