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  1. Powertrain
    PO told me they had this transmission replaced. Having troubles with OD and lockup, but can't ID trans. It has a 904 pan, but the stamp on the bellhousing I don't recognize and can't find any information on, same with the numbers on the side of the pan. Here are some pics, if anyone can help me...
  2. Dodge Ram Vans
    Looking for the cold air intake parts and spare wheel for my ‘83 b250.
  3. Powertrain
    Hey all. I'm on my 4 van 3rd Dodge love it I'm having a problem with acceleration My van cuts out. Small back fire lack off acceleration. Had the problem before and they replaced the throttle position sensor. TPS and it worked fine for the last three months Two days ago it happen again and...
  4. RAM VAN year 1989

    V8 5.2 Prospector
1-4 of 6 Results