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    Hi, I have a 3500 Dually I will be using to transport cars. I need to fit it with a 5th wheel and bags to tow this type of trailer. The truck with be working the a Kaufman mini 5 double deck trailer. Here are some specs KAufman mini 5 G.V.W.R. 25,000 lb. Empty trailer weight is 8,750 lb. This...
  2. Towing
    Last night I hooked on to my dad's flat deck car trailer and loaded his car up (1970 Dodge Dart Prostreet Car) to bring it over to my Uncle's shop so we could do some suspension work on it. I'm estimating the overall weight to be around 4500 pounds. That's probably a little on the high side...
  3. Suspension
    I have seen alot of questions concerning the addition of rear air bags to take some of the sag out of the truck when loaded and/or pulling a trailer. I have a 33' camp trailer with a loaded weight of 7020#. With the equalizer hitch I adjusted to get the maximum height at the rear of the truck. I...
1-3 of 3 Results