ball joint

  1. Lubing the front suspension joints and bushings

    Do I need to lift my truck to lube the grease nipples? I'm a little and skinny person and I can fit under my Longhorn very well. Can I just hard turn my wheels to access most of them?
  2. Pro Comp 2" Leveling Kit

    I recently started the install of a ProComp 2" Leveling Kit. Honestly it hasn't been bad with some patience, pb spray, and a some muscle to knock the rust off. However, I destroyed my upper ball joint with a pickle fork trying to separate the knuckle. Since i had to replace it i decided to go...
  3. Changing out Control Arms/Ball Joints

    So about a week ago I heard a clunk while backing out of my driveway in my 2009 Dodge Ram 4x4. I jacked up my front end and found my drivers side wheel has slop in it. I'm pretty sure it's the ball joints (+94k miles). Looking around online I see that the 4th Gen doesn't have replaceable ball...
  4. Ball joint issues

    2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    My 2011 Ram 1500 has 42k miles and no longer in warranty. Over the last few months the front end has been making some knocking, creaking type noises, sometimes loud. I brought it to the dealer. They said something needed grease and charged me $150. Next day no change. I call the dealer and they...
  5. anyone had this problem (ball joints)

    :wtf2:So, needed new lower ball joints, so i pop em out and go to put the new one in (moog) and it slides right in with no force at all, i can spin it in there freely, and it doesnt go in far enough to put the snap ring in. wrong part right? so i go back to part source they confirm the part and...
  6. XRF ball joints

    My front tires are wearing unevenly, so I had the front end checked and turns out my ball joints are bad, and my shocks showed signs of seepage. I did a little research and decided to go with XRF brand ball joints with the million mile warranty. Lesson learned:doh: - don't buy them direct from...
  7. Ball Joint Replacement

    Hi everyone! Obviously, I'm new here. I've had good luck with my Ram (did I say that out loud????) but now it's getting older and more miles (152,000) things are starting to wear. I just had new rubber put on (Michelin LTX) and was going to get an alignment but the shop said my driver side ball...