bcm problem

  1. Lighting Issues

    Alrighty guys so I've gone through A few threads and can't find my specific issue. 2014 Ram 1500 Express 4x4 Hemi. My high beams are inop. low beams work fine when I hit my multi function switch the high beam indicator comes on the dash but they don't light up. I do have aftermarket LED in the...
  2. OEM backup camera install gone wrong

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    So I installed the OEM backup camera yesterday and everything went according to plan. Or so I thought. I followed the directions and when I reconnected the negative battery cable and turned the key to "on" all hell broke loose. There was a continuous clicking sound coming from beneath the...
  3. Need to find bcm

    Hey eveybody my 02 dodge 3500 was having issues with the factory alarm system not disengauging so we had it towed to the dealer were they told use the BCM was bad and dodge no longer makes the BCM for that truck i really need to find an aftermarket site that i can get one because this is what we...
  4. Turn signal inop/ left shows right signal

    Hey I'm a newbie here. I have Had my first Dodge truck since May of 2013. 07 Ram 1500 mega cab 4x4. I have a question when I go to activate my left turn signal the right comes on. I have to keep canceling it till it works. Also when I go to use the Hazards only one will blink ( usually the...