1. Black 2014 Ram 1500 "Red Strip"

    Black 2014 Ram 1500 "Red Strip"

    <p>Black Ram 1500 "Red Strip"</p>
  2. Black Forest Green Pearl

    2019 Dodge Ram Forum
    Has anyone picked up a black forest green pearl 2019 Ram 1500? I haven't seen one in person. All of the pictures online look like plain black. How do you like the color? Would you recommend it?
  3. My son in front of my truck

    My son in front of my truck

    <p>This was my truck about 2 months after I bought it (around May of 2014).</p>
  4. WTT Black 4 Chrome Quad Headlights

    Dodge Ram Parts and Accessories for Sale - Trade -
    I have a brand new set of Chrome Quad Headlights from a 2016 Ram 1500. I took them off less than a month of owning the truck and replaced them with a set I painted myself. They are in perfect condition. I am looking to trade the Chrome Quads for a set of Black Quads. Please let me know if your...
  5. 14 RCSB Black Express, Leveled and 35's

    Dodge Ram Pictures - Photos
    2014 Ram 1500 RCSB Blackedout Express leveled with Rough Country Kit and Nitto 295/65R20's Love the stance and look. Just wanted to share further pics! If interested in further details here is the thread I did in the leveling section.
  6. 2014 RCSB Black Express Leveled - NO Rubbing 35's **Lots of PICS**

    Custom Chassis - Drive Line, Suspension - Leveling
    Super excited to finally post on the forum with some mods! I purchased the truck about 2 years ago and have been driving it stock. Finally the stock Goodyear Wranglers wore out and it was time to go crazy......well only a little. :LOL: Here are a few pics to show the truck shortly after I...
  7. Erebus


    My new Ram 1500 in front of the house.
  8. Plasti Dip

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    Pretty sure they are the fake chrome plated 20inch stock rims and then the chrome emblems. I want to plasti dip them black but I've heard not to plasti dip chrome. Will I damage the chrome? will it not remove correctly? I want to be able to remove the plasti dip later on without damage. Thanks,
  9. Posting some pics of the new truck

    2015 Dodge Ram Forum
    I picked up my 2015 Ram 1500 Laramie a couple days ago. Finally got some pics to share. She's black on black, with lots of options. Loving it so far! So does my wife. We both think it rides and handles as well as our Escalade!
  10. Snow Bunny

    Snow Bunny

  11. 2015 Sport

    2015 Sport

  12. My Truck

    My Truck

    Blacked out 2015 Sport
  13. Debadge Ram

    Debadge Ram

    Love the look after taking all the badges off!
  14. 1st Dodge Ram

    Newbie Checkin!
    Hey guys just wanted to drop in and say thanks for having me on this forum. I just recently bought my first Dodge. It's a 1985 Dodge Ram Prospector.. it runs good and has a solid body BUT I have two problems, 1) the glove box lock is stuck. 2) I can't get the wipers to work right, i hear the...
  15. Advice on Blacking out Ram 2500

    2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    So my truck has a chrome bumber, grille, and rear bumper. Is there a way to black out all the chrome? I don't wanna use plasti dip. Is my best option to have the bumpers painted? Also I've found a few billet grills that look good but there's still the chome trim around the grille. Is having this...
  16. How much you think my truck is worth

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hey guys & gals. Like the title says I'm wondering how much this truck could go for on the streets. K&n cold air, bds 4 inch lift, brand new duratracs 325/65r18 (35s), 18 inch rbp rims(5000km), magnafllow exhaust with chrome tips, sport edition leather sunroof alpine system etc. Debadged, all...
  17. 2012 Black Dodge Ram Sport

    Newbie Checkin!
    Hey everyone thought I my aswell join this forum considering I seem to find myself on it every day šŸ˜. For the truck I bought it 3 months ago. Before the 2012 I was repping the 04 single cab. (Best drifting truck in Alberta). But ya anyways I was getting sick of so much money on gas. I drive 8...
  18. Show me your RIMS!!

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    Hey guys I'm currently looking at new rims. I have a 2014 Big Horn black. My issue is that I just dont know what exactly will look good and I'm always up to see what other people chose. I'm not going to lift my truck, if anything im going to lower the rear to level it so I'm probably not going...
  19. New to the forum and looking to customize

    Newbie Checkin!
    I just got my 2010 RAM Hemi TRX and trully not liking the black and gray two tone, has anyone ever repainted the gray to match the black? Im reading on here about blacking out my headlights I worry that ill screw it up and need to buy new ones (pretty well mechanically inclined - even for a...
  20. Ram_front5