1. New Baby

    New Baby

  2. Blackout Tape

    Body & Interior
    Hi all. I have read a few threads on removing blackout tape and feel inclined to do it. However, I have also read the warnings from site admin about performing mods at your own risk. I have a few questions: 1. Had anyone had negative results from this mod like paint not matched underneath or...
  3. Dashboard blackout/ resets while driving

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    Anyone have this issue. I noticed it so far only when I remote start the truck. After I remote start the truck then get in push the ignition button everything works as normal. Then I start driving and after about 2 mins or so, the whole dashboard goes black for about 2 secs then the ram logo...
  4. Replacing blackout on door pillar

    Body & Interior
    Picked up my first Dodge last night and ran it through the wash. The high pressure blew off a bit of the blackout on my driver door. I can't find anything out there that is a specific replacement. Would appreciate some leads on material to use. What would I even ask for at a parts store...