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  1. 2010 Dodge Ram Forum
    New to the group here, and hoping to get a little insight into an ac heating issue i have before I even think dealer or mechanic. As stated in the title, I have a '10 SLT 4x4, and when I start the truck the blender actuator for cold and heat keeps going back and forth but will eventually land...
  2. LD RAM - General Discussion
    I have a 2002 Ram 1500 with dual climate control. The heater blows nice and hot, but only when it’s on vent and only on the passenger side. I know the thing about the blend doors but I was wondering if anyone knew which one specifically. And maybe a parts breakdown or diagram so I know what I’m...
  3. Heating & Cooling
    My heat and a/c work but only blow out of the main vents, regardless of which mode (blend) is chosen. I had it at my local garage and was told the mode door actuator needs replaced, for $650. Wow! He said mainly it is because the whole i.p. Must be removed. I bought the actuator for about...
1-3 of 3 Results