1. Help or suggestions for misc issues, please

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    I have a couple of questions maybe someone here can help with. 2009 RAM Laramie 4x4 5.7 “Hemi” 105,000 miles. 1 The heat and AC is wacky. Maybe someone else has had this issue and knows what it is. a. When I turn on the system, sometimes the blower comes on, sometimes it does not...
  2. Blower motor high only

    Heating & Cooling
    The blower only works on high speed for the heater or ac. I pulled the resistor and it shows continuity like it should. The blower runs fine. Any ideas where to look next? Thanks
  3. Custom HVAC/Heater/Blower wiring, 1991 B150

    Custom Interior Modifications - Audio & Video
    1991 B150 Van, 5.2L V8 My heater system Had a burnt switch and wire terminal. I guess it happens when ran on high a lot. Once I saw it had 5 vacuum lines, 3 vacuum devices, 12 wires, and A/C buttons I can't use I felt a case of OCD. I just need to turn it on/off! I don't need cold. For cold...
  4. Heater blower stuck on top vents

    5.2L V8 Specific Topics
    Hey all... Quick ?.. The heater has always functioned in my `98 1500. However, today it is stuck on the top vents, and won't change regardless of what I put the vent dial on. The temp and fan speed work, but not the vent selection. What is HAS been doing lately, is when I gun it, or put the...
  5. Blower goes from face to defrost

    Heating & Cooling
    When I have either heat or a/c and the blower is on face or floor, and then I take off it will go to the defrost and when I am not in overdrive it will return back to where it was. Since this happened I also noticed my cruise control is not working. Is this a vacum issue? Where do I start? 1999...
  6. Newbie here! First Dodge Ram. question on blower motor

    Heating & Cooling
    Air is cold and on high its humming very loud and the air is coming out like its on low. I read some other thread about a flap blocking the air. I bought a new blower because I live in Houston and it's freakin HOT!!!
  7. Blower Motor Not Woring :(

    Blower Motor Not Working :( :Hey:Im hoping somebody here can help we with this....My blower motor stopped working a few days ago, ive checked the motor itself (wired it to cigar lighter) so i know the motor works, i have about 11 volts going through the green feed wire, so i know its got power...
  8. Blower Fan Speed Varies

    Heating & Cooling
    I have a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 and the blower fan seems to vary in speed for no reason. I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem or they have any insight as to what it may be. Thanks
  9. HVAC blower suddenly quit

    Custom Dodge Ram Interior and Exterior Lighting
    My blower suddenly quit working. I have looked for hours for information on how to diagnose, how to find the fuse, etc. I am stuck. Please provide a little guidance. I am working on a 2004 4X4 Ram 250 with Hemi. I live near the beach and get lots of sea breeze. The truck has only 25k miles...