body work

  1. Gravel guard

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    I'm curious as to if you can gravel guard over chrome. I kind of want to do the grill and bumpers, just don't know if it will stick. Anyone who has done this I would really appreciate some input! Would I at the very least want to scuff it? Let me know guys.
  2. 3rd gen front fender removal

    Body & Interior
    Recently wrecked my ram, long story short I need to replace the drivers front fender, and drivers doors. It seems simple enough, Im just looking for an illustration of where all the bolts are. Also, Ive heard the inner fender and outer are spot welded together? If so, drill the welds out to...
  3. 08 Black shortbed

    Body & Interior
    Hey guys Im looking to get ahold of some quotes on puchasing another bed for my 08 Ram. I have a huge dent in the left rear panel as well as some rust on the fender wells. Body shop wants $2500 to replace the panel so I was thinking replacing the bed all together may actually be cheaper. Any...
  4. New Bumper, Input Please!

    Custom Modifications- Interior & Exterior Body
    Hey guys i have a 2008 big horn and i bought the truck with damage to the back bumper and its time for me to have this fixed. I had the work quoted from the dealership and it came back as $1400. That seemed a bit high for me so I took it to my buddies shop and they quoted $1500. after talking to...