1. Sold! **Borla Cat-Back S-type Exhaust**

    Dodge Ram Parts and Accessories for Sale - Trade -
    Afternoon, up for grabs is my cat-back Borla S-type exhaust taken from my 2015 Rebel. Everything originally sent by Borla included including clamps. Moving to a 3/4 ton truck and have this, as well as a few other items available. Paid $1,043 last year, asking $575. Willing to meet within 150...
  2. Upgrading my exhaust. Any Suggestions?

    I have a 2005 Dodge Ram 5.7 Hemi sport. I am wanting to redo my entire exhaust. I am looking at pacesetter long tube headers that will run into an x pipe to 2 borla xr-1 racing mufflers then with turn downs over the rear axle. All 3" exhaust. Does anybody have any other ideas, tips, suggestions...
  3. Borla Xr1 custom pw exhaust

    Dodge Power Wagon
    I thought I would go with something that you don't see a lot. I decided to scrap the 3.5" pipe it comes with stock, and go to 3" pipe because thats the larger they bend. Ordered up a borla xr1 sportsman round and a 3" to 4" tip. Overall this set sounds awesome so far. No drone at highway speed...
  4. Borla, Corsa, FM 10 or Magna?

    Hey guys, Thinking it's time to upgrade the exhaust on my 2010 sport. What do you guys think, get a muffler and tips, or install an entire cat back. After that's figured out, I'm so torn between Magnaflow, Flowmaster 10 (I freaking love the sound of these), Borla, and Corsa systems. I was...
  5. Sold! 16" borla xr1 sportsman muffler and y pipe

    Dodge Ram Parts and Accessories for Sale - Trade -
    16" stainless borla xr1 sportsman 3" in-out muffler with 3" in dual 2.5" out y pipe. Had this on my truck for about 6 months before I decided to change my exhaust set up. $100 shipped PayPal payment only Pm me email or number to send pics.
  6. So this came in today...

    My Borla XR-1 Sportsman came in the mail today from Summit:smiley_thumbs_up:. I'm going to try and get to the exhaust shop Saturday to discuss the required work for the install (Y-pipe, etc...) and discuss prices. I kind of doubt that I'll be able to get it put in that day, but if I can I will...
  7. 2015 Updates: Revel Performance Mufflers

    Revel Performance
    Over the last week we have had the opportunity to join many of the top dealers in the country, and manufacturers to learn about new and exciting products coming to market in the up coming year. As these roll out we will have exclusivity on a few (a couple of eco diesel products) and first to...
  8. y pipe with cat back???

    I just got my ram switched over from a jeep SRT 8 I plan on buying the Borla catback system but I was wondering about Replacing the y pipe with the one from from magnaflow??? has anyone else done a cat back system in the y pipe exchange did you notice any difference
  9. borla borla and more borla

    I had borla on my srt8 jeep and loved every minute of it now looking for something for my 10' sport I was leaning towards borla. But was hoping to get insight form people with it are you pleased with it. And what the good and bad about a borla cat back vs going with just a muffler swap and or...
  10. muffler delete or borla xr1

    Just wondering whats the better sound. I have true duals with two borla xr1s with resonator delete and it pops during hard acceleration.took it off and change my muffler to flowmaster and hates the sound out the i did the muffler delete with the factory single 3" pipe with Y pipe and...
  11. flowmaster 50hd or super 40 series dual/dual

    has anyone installed anyone of these on the hemi trucks? i have the 14'' magnaflow and i want more sound. The muffler shop said no on the 50 and get the 40. Flowmaster said to get the 50 HD because it was made for the hemi. muffler shop said it will be like what i have now, but they only sale...
  12. Which Muffler to Get??

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    hi i got a 2013 ram black express and i want to get a muffler installed. Its either between a Borla Pro xs and a maganflow turbo xl. I would like some of your opinions which one to get. Which one do you think souns better. Thanks :smileup:
  13. Borla exhaust

    I'm looking at ordering a full cat back exhaust from borla. Just wanna know if anyone has any other suggestions or if I am waisting my time and should just change out the muffler? Please help.
  14. mods done

    2010 Dodge Ram Forum
    well after 6 weeks of waiting my Borla cat back exhaust arrived and is installed:smileup:. I took a video but dont know how to put it on here but it makes me mad dodge put a rev limiter on the truck! either way, I also just installed the Rampage tailgate light bar over the weekend and if you...
  15. borla exhaust

    2010 Dodge Ram Forum
    I see that borla makes a cat back exhaust for the 09 ram, does anyone know if it will fit the 10? if so what mods if any are needed? anyone have a borla exhaust on their 10? maybe some pics or video clip of it on?
  16. Exhaust tips? 3-1/2 inch?

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    Anybody have pictures of their dual exhaust. Straight out the back. Prefferably round angle-cut tips instead of rolled tips. I'm looking into putting 3 1/2 or 4 inch tips but just want to see some pics of how it looks. (chrome or polished) I have mine dumped right now and I'm really getting...