1. 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Dragging Brakes Unfixable(REPLACED EVERYTHING)

    Gen 3 Dodge Ram
    I have a 2004 dodge ram 1500 with a 5.7L Hemi 4x4 and a 2-wheel ABS system. The problem on my truck is that the brakes will not release fully and have a slight consistent dragging. This has created a shake on the highway at about 65mph. Along with the shake, it slows down on it's own and does...
  2. Brake Pistons Sticking?

    Never drive very far and no hard braking but a couple times in the last two months I get a felling like the Truck is dragging a bit when driving, like I am braking a bit while moving forward. All gauges and engine stats read fine. I get home and the front rims are very hot compared to the back...
  3. 2019 1500 classic brake issues

    2019 Dodge Ram DS/Classic
    I don’t think this issue has been covered before but it could have been. i bought a 2019 1500 classic. I’ve been noticing intermittent problems with the brakes. Every now and again when braking they’re spongy and take almost a full push to get the truck to start slowing down. The truck is brand...
  4. 2011-2016 Ram 2500 Truck Front & Rear Premium Posi Semi-Metallic Brake Kit

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  5. Take the guesswork out of replacing brakes with a brake kit

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    Make replacing your brakes easy with one of our high quality brake kits. A brake kit will save you time and money by taking the guesswork out of shopping for brake parts for your vehicle. Our brake kits contain matched components that are easy to install and will help your vehicle perform at...
  6. 2nd gen brake upgrade???

    I have a 99 5.9 gas 1500 that I use to tow vehicles in between Idaho and Utah. I usually do not have issues other than constant 30mph head winds killing my power but I am more concerned with my braking. My tow dolly does not have brakes. I just have to use my trucks. I put on some stock 20" 2018...
  7. SP Performance

    Thanks for the add! This will serve as my new member and manufacturer input post! Has anyone installed SP Performance rotors? Price and options look awesome and I am starting to see them all over social media. Their reviews are excellent as well!I think I want to try their peak series. What do...
  8. Noise After A Blowout at High Speeds

    2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    I had made a query about brake pad & rotor replacement in a previous thread. Since I only have 44K on my truck, Thunderhorse expressed surprise that I would only get 44k with light use and he gets 70 with heavy use. So, I decided to start a new thread since the topic is a bit different. After...
  9. Brake Rotors & Pads/Spark Plugs

    2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    Purchased my 2011 Ram 1500 with 5.7L Hemi new in 2010. She is used more for transportation with insignificant cargo weight & has never pulled a load. Just turned 44k miles & it sounds like i need to work on rear brakes & although the engine runs great, I should be changing the original plugs...
  10. 2014 Ram 1500 Brake upgrade feedback needed

    Dodge Ram Aftermarket Brakes
    So I have a 2014 Ram 1500 Limited crew cab with 6'4" bed and after lift, tires, wheels, front and rear heavy steel bumpers, winch and lights there is obviously a lot of weight added. I want to upgrade the brakes but the only real option I can dig up is the Baer 15" front set below (please let me...
  11. Brake Surge Issues

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Brakes are surging with light brake pressure. Changed rotors=NO JOY. Worse when going down steep incline. No steering wheel shake, so assuming this is a rear brake issue. Have been checking online and reading about similar issues in dodge vehicles where a rear wheel anti-lock brake "dump...
  12. Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) - Solved?

    2010 Ram 3500 I have chased a very troubling problem with sporadic ETC faults for almost 3 years. The base problem seems to be that the computer believes the throttle and the brake are ON at the same time, throwing on the ETC fault light, killing the throttle and putting the truck into limp...
  13. Brake Replacement

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hey guys, Found a great deal online for some good ceramic brakes, just want to be sure that although it says they are for a 2011 that they will fit my 2014. TIA, TR
  14. 99 Ram 1500 4x4 5.9 stalling and low power issues

    5.9L V8 Specific Topics
    Having some confusing issues with my truck. Starting stalling at low rpm and had very low power. Checked fuel pressure. It had 8 psi at the rail on idle and when I couldn't get it to re up it was getting around 12 to 15 pounds. Changed fuel pump thinking that was it. Now it will run, but when...
  15. Unknown Braking Issue

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport with about 120k on it. I bought it used with about 60k on it. Today my ABS indicator light, SRV 4WD indicator and my traction control indicator all came on and stayed on. When I was driving, approaching a red light I applied the brake, the traction control...
  16. Small "THUD" or "JOLT" - when lifting foot from brake

    2016 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hello All - thanks for looking at this. I must say after owning a 2011 Honda Ridgeline - WITH NO Problems, I was skeptical about getting a 2016 RAM 1500. BUT with all due respect I wanted a "real" truck - lol. (In the past I had problems with earlier Dodge vehicles during my 25+ years of...
  17. ABS issue

    Hey all- My 2014 Dodge Ram big horn is having an abs issue, and is driving me crazy. Last week, did an oil change and rotated the tires, and did so as I usually do every time it needs maintenance. This time, after about 120 miles, abs, traction control light, and the 4wd inop lights, and cut my...
  18. Brake change interval?

    2015 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hi, just coming up on 23,000 miles and notice my brakes are squeezing and the dust is mounting. I've done about 2500 miles of towing a 10,000 trailer, but am usually not hard on the brakes. Is this premature wear or what I should expect??
  19. Rear rotor removal

    Hi all, This is my first time posting, but I have been viewing the forum for awhile now and it has helped me through several repairs. Thanks for that! I found myself in a bind today. I am trying to replace the rear pads and rotors on my 2011 Ram 1500 Sport. It has around 40k on it and the...
  20. Brake pad instulation question

    I'm replacing my brake pads and calipers on my 2004 Dodge Ram truck. I'm trying to determine if the anti-rattle clips are installed correctly. I've attached 3 images with notes on them. Please look at the images and let me know your thoughts. As you will see in the image, the brake clips on...