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  1. 2009 Dodge Ram Forum
    im new to this fourm not sure if theres a thread on this, but when i goto use my bullydog gt gas 40417 to tune the truck and click install download it says error code 224. i already followed the official youtube videos and updated the tuner and sd card... anyone know whats wrong?
  2. 2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Im looking at getting the flowmaster super 10 exhaust system for my 2012 1500 Ram sport and not sure what to do. The full system is around $600-700 and just the mufflers alone are around $80 a piece. Do I need to by the full system with pipes and everything included or should i just get the...
  3. Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7 Hemi V8
    ok i have a headache from reading about tuners for my truck. So now im asking the RF help from the ones with a 2012 DODGE RAM HEMI. so plz only 2012 thanks. Here is a list of what parts im going to add on my truck: 85mm TB,catch can,S&B CAI, and a 14'' magnaflow exhaust. My truck is a 4x4 so I...
  4. LD RAM - General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum. I hopped on to read about chips for my truck and, from what I read, most say to go for the Bullydog Hemi GT Plus or the Diablo Sport Trinity. Does anyone in the Phoenix area have either of the two for sale? Thanks!
  5. Performance Mods - Engine - 4.7 Liter V8
    Anybody ever use the BullyDog Triple Dog GT tuner?? Wondering if it's a good tuner. A buddy says its great for his Chevy diesel. Any thoughts or experience would be great. Or if y'all know of any other real time display tuner/monitor.
  6. Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7 Hemi V8
    Hey guys, i was wondering if there was anybody that could break down the differance between programers, tuner and chips(or are they basiclly the same thing)? Ive seen Superchip, Cortex and Bully Dog and havent been able to find what they do differant vs each other:4-dontknow: I have an '04...
  7. 5.7L (345 cu in) HEMI V8 Specific Topics
    Just wanted to share what I found: I recently purchased a Bullydog Tripledog GT, updated it immediately, and installed it per the instructions. Spent about $400, thought it was nice aesthetically, and I was hopeful it would be a great programmer based on their claims. I am a former automotive...
1-7 of 10 Results