1. Dash Buttons removal and cleaning

    Body & Interior
    Hello, My GF ended up spilling some soda on the dash a while ago and now the buttons on the dash are sticking. It is the button cluster with the flashing emergency light button. I was wondering if this is something I can just pop right out to clean?
  2. Map light switch 05

    I've been looking every where for just a map light switch to replace a broken one in my truck but no luck. I've tried to fix it but no luck. I've thought about buying the whole wiring system like this...
  3. Switch Placement Problem Solved

    Body & Interior
    I have been trying to find a good place to install a switch for strobes after searching for something that would fit into the right console (where the passenger air bag switch would normally go) with no avail since I have the REC Navigation radio which takes up the extra pocket below the...