cam position sensor

  1. Cam sensor

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    Hello all, I have a 97 Ram 1500, 5.9 and am have a bit of trouble. I have replaced the three sensors on the throttle body and am still experiencing the following: first the vehicle is at a rough idle. when the truck is traveling at speeds over 55 MPH and I lift up on the gas to drop the RPMs...
  2. 04 4.7L stalls at 2500 rpm

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    Friday I drove my truck to work and back home everything was good. Saturday morning i went to start it and it took about 5 seconds of cranking then started up. I started down the road and its stalling at 2500 rpms. I drove it to my stepdads house about 2 miles away and back home and parked it...
  3. Help! Cam Sensor error and won't start?

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    Hi all, Asking for any experience you might have on this. Intermittent till now. 1994 Ram 2500 Automatic 5.9 gas with 247000 miles. Normally runs great for the mileage. But have been having this issue where sometimes (or most of time) it won't start. The check engine light codes throw a code 11...
  4. Cam position sensor

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    Hey, I've got a 2002 1500, with the 4.7 L. It's throwing a p0340 code which means cam position circuit malfunction. I've replaced my cam positioning sensor as well as checked all the wiring for shorts or breaks all is good. Also checked the crank position sensor, its good. The truck will start...