1. Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

    Newbie Checkin!
    Hello there fellow Ram enthusiasts. After many years of being a loyal Ford truck owner it was time for me to leave the blue nest and purchase a truck that didn’t bankrupt me every week in fuel. (those 5.0's are very thirsty) So I decided on the ecodiesel. I started with a 2015 then decided after...
  2. Disable DRL on Canadian Ram 1500 with quads

    2015 Dodge Ram Forum
    My 2015 Ram 1500 is from Canada (but now is in the US) and has DRLs that use the high beam. I want to disable them because I installed LED bulb conversions that cause the DRLs to flicker. Also, if they didn't flicker, they would stay on high beam all the time as DRLs because they don't have the...
  3. Best aftermarket Warranty?

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    so i am trying to buy a 2013 2500 in NY. The dealer bought the truck in canada and apparently dodge will not carry over their warranty program to the US. I called a dodge dealership to see if i could buy an extened warranty through them and they told me that they can not do it because the truck...
  4. Build List Canada

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    i scathed the build list threads for information on how to obtain a Build List for us Canadian Consumers. Is there anyway to formally request one properly in Canada?
  5. Need help with Canadian service contacts

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hey all, Had a really bad experience at my local dealership service department, (shocking, I know :Wow1:) and need some help getting some contact information (e-mails preferably) for some higher up service contacts who actually work for FCA. I know there are a lot of insiders on here so any...
  6. Newb

    Newbie Checkin!
    Hi guys, new member here. I have a 2013 1500 that I use for hunting and daily driving. So far so good. Maybe a levelling kit in the future. Only things I've done so far are weather tech mats, truxedo roll up tonneau, 18" Fuel Throttle wheels with 275 70 18 Toyo AT2. More daily driver and family...
  7. Canadian Man who loves NCAA

    Newbie Checkin!
    Hey I just bought a 2007 dodge ram 1500 SLT quad cab 4x4 with 66,000 clicks on it. I love it to death but would love some help to figure out where I can get NCAA interior apparel (epically University of Miami Hurricanes and University of Florida Gators)
  8. New from calgary

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    Hello to everyone here just wanted to get started bye sayin hi lol
  9. Newbie!

    Newbie Checkin!
    Hello all, Mark from Ontario Canada, I have a 2012 Ram Long Horn edition I bought new in Dec 2011. I look forward to learning and picking up ideas here in the forum and meeting new people! Pics coming soon!
  10. *New member from Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada!!!*

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    :smileup:hey guys im from Niagara falls Ontario , Canada. anyone else in the area?
  11. Hello from Vancouver Island, BC Canada

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    Hi! Had the truck a few years 2009 1500 5.7, stock the whole time :doh: Gonna make some changes soon, audio first, then move on from there. Wheels, tires, brakes, lift kit, exhaust... why am I writing this you guys know the list. Done some searching in the past, always seemed to end up here so...
  12. Fellow Canadians - HID and DRL

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hello fellow Canadians (or our American brothers who also enjoy DRL)... I would like to switch out my quad lights for HID but it seems like it might break the daytime running lights (DRL) which means my truck won't pass government inspection. Can anyone confirm that installing HID light systems...
  13. Flexing the Ram a bit

    Dodge Ram 4x4 - Offroad Discussion
    Yesterday me and a couple friends decided to go explore a couple back roads near Stave Lake just outside of Mission, BC. Most of it was pretty tame, just smooth gravel/dirt back roads. Eventually we found a road that led up a little higher into the mountain. It actually got a little more...
  14. AddiCtED HaRD oN tHE RaM

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    Hello all you fello Ramaddictz I'm from woodstock here in Ontario Canada. I've bought my Ram 1500 4x4 2003 roughly a year ago. I have had many many problems ; most are unheard of but I just can't let go of her!! I've gotten into slowly custom truckin in the past year or so but it seems...
  15. Hi from Toronto

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    Remember the movie "twister"? I fell in love with dodge ram after seeing it. 3 kids later, I finally got one .. as old, or older than the movie. It is a 98 Ram 1500, blue made to look like the 96 indy 500 pace truck. Needs lots of TLC and being totally mechanically challenged myself, my local...