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  1. 5.7L V8 Specific Topics
    I just did the 3" cat back magnaflow setup on my truck. I have a 2006 1500 ram mega cab 5.7 Hemi .. I read up on the advice here and want to thank you all for the help, and add my success story. I went with the MF-(14359) 18", 3"in/ 3"out polished center/offset muffler. no resonator. For the...
  2. MDS
    hello I have a 2011 ram 1500 SLT crew cab with the 5.7L hemi around 106,000kms. I have the MDS option, and it kicks In quite frequently in the city once I hit a regular speed or accelerate really slowly. Anyways, I was getting sick of the stock exhaust, so I decided to go with a "cat back", and...
  3. Exhaust
    Another member on the forum recently asked me for a sound clip of my truck so I went out tonight to take a short video for him. Thought I'd post it here in case any other 4.7 guys are wondering what the Flowmaster American Thunder kit sounds like. Sorry for the bad picture quality; I forgot to...
  4. 4.7L (287 cu in) PowerTech V8 Specific Topics
    Anybody that is wondering if Dynomax 39480 will work on 4th Gen 4.7L with dual cutout bumpers. It does all you need is to get a 1 exhaust insulator(oem will be best) and it's easier to install with spare tire off. And it sounds moderate
  5. Exhaust
    I finally worked up the guts to work on my exhaust. I was pretty worried after hearing about MDS drone, torque loss, and other issues caused by changing the exhaust. However, with the help of some forum members, I decided to get an 18" Magnaflow muffler, 1 and 2 out. I also got the Magnaflow...
1-5 of 7 Results