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  1. Center Console chrome latch finally replaced!

    Custom Modifications- Interior & Exterior Body
    hey guys! just thought i would share my little project i've been working on! i don't know about you guys but i really got tired of the chrome latch on my center consol blinding the heck out of me. i wasnt really wanting to paint it and have it to deal with wear and tear so i decided to make my...
  2. Aftermarket Center console for 6th seat?

    Hey guys, new 2017 Ram 2500 owner here. I just bought a tradesman with the 6th seat up front. I was wondering if anyone has seen an aftermarket basket/console that sits on the floor between the 6th seat and the front dash. I'm looking for more organization to junk I typically have within reach...
  3. Interchangeable parts for console?

    Body & Interior
    Hey everyone first post here. Do a lot of my investigative work on here and have learned and used a lot from everyone here. But I do have a question about the center console for an 09-12. I have a a console coming in and the rear cover of it has no outlets for air vents. So my question is...
  4. Center console cupholder add on

    Product Reviews
    Just found this new cupholder center console add on installed it on my 2006 Mega cab Has to be the Best add on I've put on my Truck in a while It was $68 tax included on Amazon pictures below
  5. Parts Lookup Please for Full Center Console Brackets!!

    Mopar Online Parts - Dodge Ram Accessories!
    I have a 2015 Ram CrewCab Blackout Express Edition VIN:1C6RR6KT6FS565283 I just purchased a full center console (and bezel) from a 2016 2500 Laramie off ebay but need to get the front and rear brackets, as well as the plastic side extension panels in BLACK (driver and pass. side).. I noticed...
  6. 2012 ram center console delete

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    Just wondering if it's possible to take out shifter and center console.ans put shifter on sterring column?? I have have a 2012 Lonestar and I'm waiting to remove center shifter console and add in 3rd seat if not I'll buy a 3500 6.4 with center seat
  7. correct power connector for 12v console outlet?

    Hey all. I recently replaced the jump seat in my 08 Dodge Ram with a console seat combo I purchased on eBay. Swapped it out no problem but I discovered there's a 12v outlet inside the top console. New console has the connector attached on the bottom but it doesn't seem to fit any connector...
  8. Anyone having problems with....

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    Their outdoor temperature sensor? Mine is usually anywhere from 7-12 degrees off the outside temperature. Last time I took it down to the dealership (for Line-X) I told them about it. When I came back they said that a "sensor bulb" was faulty and they replaced it and it should be "good to go"...
  9. Does center seat in Regular Cab slide back on 2012

    Body & Interior
    There is a this big gap behind the center seat and fold upconsole, but the seat does not appear to slide back. Can somebody confirm this seat does not slide back? Is it just me or does the 4th gen Ram Regular Cab with the bench seat seem to have tons more leg and seat recline room than Chevy's...
  10. swappin out 3rd gen center console for 4 gen. can it be done?

    Body & Interior
    ok so i just got my truck last thursday (08 big horn quad cab) and its pretty basic. its got the fold down cup holders and center console folds up into a seat... i'm the type of dude that loves to hold onto change haha and i also love slots and compartments to put stuff in!!! like change...
  11. Center Console Upholstry

    Body & Interior
    Has anyone had any problems with the vinyl or whatever type upholstry on the center console cracking and splitting? I have an 05 with the black cloth interior and it has the fake leather type console lid. The material has split and exposing the stuffing underneath. If anyone else has ran into...
  12. Center Console Hinge Issue

    Body & Interior
    Hey everyone, I have a question regarding the center console in my 99 Ram 2500. When I had purchased the truck from the previous (original) owner, I notice that when I would move the center console seat portion (either up or down) one of the sides would pop out of the hinge area. Upon...
  13. Center Console Cooler?

    2010 Dodge Ram Forum
    So this idea came to me the other day and I was wondering if anyone else has tried it... I'm thinking about drilling a hole in the bottom of the center console to make it into a cooler. It holds over a 12 pack plus ice but I need a way to drain it. Has anyone tried this or tried drilling a...
  14. Center Console???

    Body & Interior
    Hey guys I read the forum all the time but this is actually my first post, I have an 05 ram st, which comes stock with out an opening center console, does anyone know where i can get an oem replacement, ive checked all the scrap yards in my area, and no luck? thanks