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  1. F22EBBBA-10D2-40CB-9367-F09784A3319C.jpeg

    Wet sanded and polished these headlights and they came back to new, very happy I didn’t spend the money on replacements
  2. Dodge Ram Videos
    These are the things I use to keep the Rebel shiny!
  3. LD RAM - General Discussion
    Can the engine bay be sprayed down with water for cleaning? After failing to properly put the radiator hose back on, it consequently blew off on and there is now coolant all over.
  4. Body & Interior
    Hello, My GF ended up spilling some soda on the dash a while ago and now the buttons on the dash are sticking. It is the button cluster with the flashing emergency light button. I was wondering if this is something I can just pop right out to clean?
  5. Body & Interior
    Hello all! Purchased my Dodge Ram last Weds. Its a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7l V8. This is also my first vehicle. It was taken care of. Whoever had it put a 4 grand lift kit on it from fabtech. Had the under body coated with some rubber material. Only things it had wrong with it was it needed new...
  6. LD RAM - General Discussion
    I have noticed it for a while but now its starting to bug me any way to get this off my paing its been there for a while but I have no freaking clue what it is and how to get it off:4-dontknow:
  7. Cummins Diesel Specific Topics
    2008 Ram 2500 6.7 Diesel, 102,300 miles. Just got back from the Dealership. I had to have one of the O2 sensors replaced again, less than 3,000 miles after it was originally replaced. They recommend that I have a "Wynns EGR Cleaner" done by them, to the tune of $175. I don't find anything...
  8. Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    My once nice and shiny '99 Ram rims are showing signs of brake dust fatigue and corrosion - the two that have been on the front are pretty bad. I'd like to get them up and shiny like they were when I bought her so I'd like some advice on products and techniques you guys have used that worked...
  9. 4.7L PowerTech V8 Specific Topics
    so, this past Sunday I cleaned the Throttle Body on my Ram and my dad's ram... they both r 4.7L.... but when i finished cleanin mine... my truck starting idling around 1000 to 1200 rpm's... as opposed to 550 to 750 Rpm's.... my check engine light isnt on.... and i took off everything back off...
1-9 of 10 Results