1. Flowmaster Clearance Event!

    Flowmaster Exhaust
    Flowmaster Clearance Event is going on now! Looking to score a great deal on great performance? Flowmaster is now offering clearance specials on parts that you enjoy at a price that you will love. Take a second and check out our selection of items currently listed and see what we have available...
  2. 37" on stock 2012 2500

    Hey guys so I got some 37s was wondering if those will fit on my stock height dodge 2500 2012 with minimal rub to slight rub ?
  3. Front diff height, Level VS suspension lifts?

    Please redirect me if this conversation exists already. I just rang up Bilstein and had a long talk with one of their 25 year fellas who had a lot of new info for me to think about. First off, he squashed all the threads I've seen about getting 2.5" out of these shocks (wasn't planning...
  4. Tire Chains Ram 1500 express

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    I was curious if anyone else has run tire chains on a Ram 1500 and if any modifications were needed besides wheel spacers? Will I have clearance issues from the top of the tire to the fender?
  5. Clearing Chains

    North West
    I'm preparing for hunting season in the Blue Mountains this Novermber and I want to start with tires and chains for the truck. I just threw on a 2" coil spacer and 2" blocks to ensure enough clearance. My question is how big can I go on tires and still clear chains?
  6. p2v clearance problem

    Performance Mods - Engine - 5.9 Liter V8
    Hi. I have a little problem with my build... I'm checking piston to valve clearance and it doesn't work... I checked with the hydrolic lifter i will be using, and there is no problem, about 0.250 clearance on the intake.... But every body tell me to check this with a solid lifter..... so i make...
  7. 2004 2X4 Leveling/Lift Confusion!

    Custom Chassis - Drive Line, Suspension - Leveling
    So I've done a lot of research for the past months, on and off. I was finally somewhat sure on what I wanted but no matter what all options have a problem. First I went with 3" Coil Spacers with Pro Comp ES3000 Extended Front Shocks 3" longer than stock but there was a few problems some...