coil springs
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  1. North East
    I currently have a 2019 1500 classic. the issue I’m having is to much sag when hooking up to haul work trailers and etc. I wanted to add something like a leaf helper from hellwig but for the ram coil suspension so I don’t get the sag but keep a comfortable ride. many suggestions or advice????????
  2. Squat No More

    Installing TufTruck's TTC-1211 heavy-duty specialty towing rear coil springs. Easy Peasy. Those OEM coils are impotent. Com'on, Fiat. Get with it, these are American trucks!
  3. Camping Zone!
    ** What are my options for upgrading the suspension? air bag insert - heard they can rupture/leak... so longevity issue. air bag to replace the springs Upgraded coil springs. other. Hoping to get some advice/guidance on a suspension upgrade... 2020 Express, 3.92 axle ratio, specifically...
  4. 2010 Dodge Ram Forum
    My 4x4 was lifted at the dealership four years ago with a 4" mopar branded(superlift) kit. I have a camper shell and at highway speeds the truck will rock violently left and right when I change lanes abruptly while punching the gas or if I hit a bump in a curve. Very sketchy. It only stops when...
  5. Suspension
    Does anyone have the measurements for front coils on a 2nd gen? I need OD on the coils for a 4wd 2500/3500. Im making new coil buckets at my buddies shop and im 1900 mi. from my rig .
  6. Suspension
    Any1 have the basic dim's on 94-02 ram 2500/3500 coils? im 1900 miles away from my truck and have acess to a shop here and i want to fab some new coil buckets but i cant find dim on the coils. I need inside/outside diameters dims on the coils.
1-6 of 7 Results