1. On-Board Air Compressor for Air lift remote and General applications

    For the 2018 RAM 2500 6.7 Diesel. I am interested in the purchase of the: • VIAIR Constant-Duty Onboard Air System – 10007 as well as the • Air Lift Part Number: 72000 Wireless Dual Path On-Board Air Compressor System with Heavy Duty Compressor • Air Lift Load Lifter 7500 XL Can I use...
  2. A/C system recharge

    Heating & Cooling
    I have a Ram 1500 5.7l hemi with approximately 140k miles. The A/C stopped blowing cold air. I was told by a mechanic friend of mine that if my a/c system does not have any/enough refrigerant in it then the compressor clutch will not engage. (which it doesn't) Would it be worth the $39.99 to by...
  3. 06 won't start unless I bang on my A/C compressor???

    5.7L V8 Specific Topics
    I'm confused. And I've had a hell of a time trying to figure this out. I have a 2006 1500 Sport with a 5.7 Hemi and I can't get it to even offer up anything unless I have someone turning the key while I bang on the a/c compressor. I've paid through the nose already to have my SKIM key...
  4. Compressor Kit needed for Train Horn

    Dodge Ram Forum CANADA
    Hey guys... my better half bought me a 3 bell train horn for xmas... need a 12v compressor and tank kit for it. Anyone know where to get these in Canada? I've looked at the usual horn outlets in the USA but I'm not a fan of paying all the extra for shipping and duty. Also, might need some...
  5. A/C cold at idle warm at over 1500 rpm

    Heating & Cooling
    I think i had the start of this problem last its 9 feels like 100 in Houston and once i take off down the road it gets warm even at a steady 60 mph. I was thinking it was the orifice tube. So I bought a liquid line with fixed orifice and replaced and 2 lbs of synthetic extra cold...
  6. 12v Ingition Power in Engine Compartment

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hi Guys, I just installed an Air Lift WirelessOne on board compressor in my truck to run my Air Lift 1000 bags. I mounted the compressor, manifold, and relay above the spare tire bracket in the back (figured that was the best place to keep it as dry as possible without putting it inside the...
  7. AC cycling between cold and ambient air

    Heating & Cooling
    I've got a '98 Dodge Ram 1500 5.2 V8 that has an AC issue. It started cycling between cold air and ambient air at random intervals and it has been getting worse. Now it will blow cold air when the engine is cool, but when it heats up it blows ambient air. The compressor clutch is not engaging...
  8. Air conditioner keep cutting off

    Heating & Cooling
    of 1998 dodge ram 1500 when I cut the AC on it blows cold for about 20 minutes then it starts to get hot not like the heat on justno cold and kinda smell a moisture smell very light could just be the temp change in the truck. So then I cut it off for about 30 minutes and back on and it blows...