1. 3rd gen console swap

    Gen 2 Dodge Ram
    Hey guys, just installed a 3rd gen center console and wondering what some of you had done with the lower storage as it doesnt contact the floor, bout a inch and a half short. Console was relatively easy, didnt take pictures, but, if you pull the console cut 3/4” off the end of each bracket, then...
  2. Console Removal

    2019 Dodge Ram Forum - DT
    Is it possible to remove the console from a 2019 Ram and install a bench seat in the front? I'm asking because a few options only come with the console and I prefer a bench.
  3. I replaced all my Bulbs with LED

    Custom Modifications- Interior & Exterior Lighting
    I replaced everything in my vehicle. High and Fog with Luminous LED, Low with VisionX, Putco 360 White 3157 Plasma Brake, and Phillips LED Cargo and License and Sylvania Super Bright Reverse. My truck has an attitude with the License and the Reverse???? When I start my vehicle the DASH...
  4. Radio

    2016 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have a 2016 Ram Double Cab Express. It has the 5 in console with backup camera and radio 3.0 I think. Since the display is obviously a color display is there a way to change the other functions of the display to color?. My backup camera is color, but the radio, phone and sync functions are...
  5. WadeStar RPC Phone Holder Review

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    I know I posted a lot of this in a shorter response to the thread about this product earlier today, but now after driving a hundred miles or so with it in the truck I wanted to post a more thorough review that I could link in my sig. If you haven't seen the other thread, the WadeStar RPC is a...
  6. Bench Seat to Center Console Swap Finally Done!!

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    So I never had any plans on doing this swap because my truck is only a reg cab, but I found this console with the console shifter out of a totalled 2013 1500 Sport 2 hours away for $450 CDN and had to jump on it. End up having to buy a new bucket, front bracket, and bucket matt from the dealer...
  7. 2010 Dodge RAM 1500 Console to column shifter conversion (complete picture tutorial)

    Body & Interior
    Below is a detailed picture tutorial about how to convert a console shifter into a column shifter in a 2010 Dodge RAM 1500. In this case I didn’t swapped the center console for a third front seat, but kept it just like in a 2010 Dodge RAM 2500. Unfortunately, I'm unable to post all 50+ pictures...
  8. Late Model Year Change?

    2015 Dodge Ram Forum
    I am picking up my new 1500 Laramie tomorrow. It was built the last week of July. I stopped in to sign some papers tonight and got to see it (they still have to detail it, and add some trim). So here's why I'm posting... The Laramie on the lot I was looking at when I make my order had a small...
  9. Cb radio installation???

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    Greetings 2014 DR Forum! Wondering if anyone out there has done this and what if any issues you may have run into. I'm taking my truck in to have a CB Radio installed tomorrow at a place I trust. The best location for the radio appears to be the tray area just below the trailer brake. I pulled...
  10. 2013 Center Jump Seat In A 2008 Ram

    Body & Interior
    I have been searching for any input and have come up with absolutely nothing. I love the center jump seat from the 2013 ram with the 3 cupholders, and notice them going for about $200 on ebay. Does anyone know if the size/height/width of this jump seat will fit directly into the old center...
  11. What's this light/how to turn off?

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    OK - my 2014 Ram 1500 Crew (BigHorn 4x4) has a little light in the overhead console that shines down on the cupholders. It appears to be on all the time (that the headlights are on?). I haven't found a way to turn that light off - is there a way? Does anyone even know what I'm talking about? I...
  12. Cup Holder Inserts Too Large

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have a crew cab 1500 with bucket seats and the center storage console. There are two cup holders in the console and they are very large and allow drinks to just tumble around. This is really starting to irritate me to no end! I don't want to have to hold my beverage every time I...
  13. 2010 Ram ST console swap(manual TCase)

    Body & Interior
    Hey everyone I have a 2010 ram ST with the folding front console/and seat, on the floor I have a separate console and my manual T case shifter and I wanted to convert it to a full console like in the SLT/Laramie. Has anyone done this with a manual TCase I love having it and don't want to ditch...
  14. Consol swap questions/ Any help suggestions Appreciated!!!

    2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    Me and another guy are swapping consoles, I have column shift with fold up center seat, He has center console and shifter. Part numbers appreciated if you have them! I'm excited but want to check check and re-check before we meet up to swap everything so any thing I am missing in the list I...
  15. Console lights burned out?

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    At night on my Sport I do not see any ligths underneath my P R N D - it is dark but I just noticed that the guy who did LED's on his Sport Hood nostrals - he took a pic of his and I noticed his are lit up. Mine are not. Question - do they light up and are mine burned out or are they not lit...
  16. How to remove console

    Body & Interior
    My 2003 RAM console does not have the sunglass storage bin so I have no access to any screws that might be in that location. The Dodge manual gives no hint about how to remove the console I have so can anyone help? I need to get into the console to R/R a light switch.:4-dontknow:
  17. Overhead console

    Body & Interior
    I saw another thread clossee to this, but it wasn't exactly it. I need to take off the overhead center console. Screw placements? Or does it just pop off? Thanks. I don't need to change it, just look what's in side. :thk:
  18. Adding an Overhead Console to an ST

    Good Morning All, I purchased an 2500 4X4 ST about a year ago, and have been adding parts to it to get it the way I really want it....LOL. A big thanks go out to all of you who have posted your step by step mods (especially those with pics!) since I rely on those prior to any undertaking...
  19. Overhead console clips

    Body & Interior
    Ok, so one of the clips broke on my overhead console broke and the other broke when i tore it down, now there are only the 2 screws that hold it up. looking for a whole new unit but they are a pretty penny for a new one, has anyone ever had this problem? or has anyone else found a way to fix...
  20. Chrome Console Bezel

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    Took the annoying chrome bezel out while I was getting my windows tinted and had the guys wrap in carbon fiber vinyl - the result looks oem and gives the console a clean appearance.