cooling system

  1. Overheating at idle but dead cold while driving! please help!!

    Gen 2 Dodge Ram
    Hey guys, first time here so please don’t scold me lol. So as the title says I have quite a few issues and its been driving me crazy. I'm hoping that someone has had these issues and knows what’s going on. i will do my best to list all parts that have been replaced. I can’t find anything on...
  2. Cooling System Problem P2181

    5.7L (345 cu in) HEMI V8 Specific Topics
    Yesterday I was in my 2009 Ram 5.7 SLT and it overheated... I was like WTF?!?!. Truck ran like a champ yesterday... I pulled over, let it cool. Went to nearby parts store and got some coolant and a thermostat. I'm getting a service code of P2181. So i changed the thermostat and added coolant...
  3. Better cooling on 2006 ram 1500 reg cab

    Heating & Cooling
    I noticed on my 06 1500 my radiator sits at an angle which from what I have heard makes it not want to cool right with a plow. I am wondering if a couple aux. electric fans would help. This post is only about the fans not to be rude but I have read a lot of posts about not putting a plow on...
  4. couple problems with my 07 quad 5.7

    My ram 1500's cluster keeps having these random malfunctions. It starts with the speedometer dropping 5-10 mph and jumping back up then the odd will flash on and off then some of the lights like brake light, mil light, and other system lights will flash and a chime will go off. sometimes the mil...