1. 1978 Corvette

    1978 Corvette

    L48 Silver 25th Anniversary Edition Corvette. Original 350 ci motor and original transmission.
  2. My boys FAST Vette racing a mustang.

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    This is my boys Vette. Fastest time is an 11.3. It is an Ls2(6.0), Full Bolt Ons, Heads/Cam Ported and Polished, Tune, 150 shot(not used in video).... He is racing a foxbody with I believe a 350 swap and completely built. And to put it in perspective a little more, the camera car(trailblazer SS)...
  3. Good car club names?

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    Ok so me and my buddies are starting another car club. We need a new name, got any ideas? An idea of the cars we have is 2 supercharged Cobalts. A turbo GTI. A turbo Scion TC. A dropped silverado 1500. A lifted Dodge Ram 1500. An Ls1 Camaro. An ls7 swapped corvette. Another dropped silverado. A...