1. '94 1500 5.2 poverty pac cruise control no go

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    Hey Folks, I have a poverty pac 1500 with no rev counter. I sourced a cluster from the US and fitted it, swapping over my speedo as mine has only 36k original miles. Anyway pre amble over..........I now have no cruise control. I thought it may be a blown bulb in the cluster so I replaced them...
  2. new to site with cruise control problems

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    I have a 1500 with the 4.7 magnum. My cruise control will illuminate the light on the dash. When I press set, nothing happens. Sometimes, if I press accel the rpms will go up, but the cruise control will not hold. If I turn off the cruise at speeds over 25 mph, it will not turn back on. To...
  3. Cruise Control will not set

    My truck is a 2003 Ram QC 4x4 with a 4.7 Automatic, and the cruise has not worked since I purchased it about 8 months ago. The cruise light comes on, but it will not set. I checked the vacuum line to the servo, switches, fuses, brake lights, and all is good. I also replaced the brake light...
  4. 2007 Ram 1500 Cruise Control

    All of a sudden when I went to turn on my cruise control, the dash light did not appear nor did any of the functions of cruise control work.
  5. Cruise Control on but doesnt set

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    Good day everyone!! I just bought a 1997 Dodge Ram Reg cab w/ magnum v8 5.2L from someone that was letting this truck go to waste and didnt take care of it very well. I bought it from him and am now in the process of restoring the body and interior. My issue is that the cruise control light...
  6. Cruise Control not working. Light does not even come on.

    Hi everyone! Anybody know what would cause the cruise control to not work on a '96 1500SLT? When I push the 'on' button, the light does not even come on. Everything else works perfect and there is no fuse labeled cruise. I really need the cruise to work, cause I often find my speed creeping up...