cup holder

  1. Center console cupholder add on

    Product Reviews
    Just found this new cupholder center console add on installed it on my 2006 Mega cab Has to be the Best add on I've put on my Truck in a while It was $68 tax included on Amazon pictures below
  2. 10" Foxbox single vented passenger side with amp rack question

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    Does anyone have this box? I asked the vender a couple questions about it, but didn't get a response back, so I figured I'd try here. Basically I'd like to know if anyone has it, and if so, does the amp rack cover up...
  3. Removing cup holder

    Body & Interior
    Ok folks, anyone know how to remove the dash mounted cup holder from this S.O.B? I've undone all the screws but can't get it out. I don't have access to my haines manual right now - so what am I missing? Help!!!!