1. Dead Ignition - 2005 Ram 1500 4.7l

    Ok - need some advice here..... Drove the truck to the store this morning, came home, no issues. 4hrs later heading to lunch - unlock doors with fob, put key in ignition and NOTHING. Like no battery connected. no dashlights, no headlights, no radio....nada. Battery is 30days old, with new...
  2. My '96 1500 died today - help!

    5.2L V8 Specific Topics
    I was driving on the freeway with my three young kids this afternoon when we had a rear tire blow-out which wrecked the rear bed panels, tore up the bodywork. Took two hours and two tow trucks (first one didn't have tools to lower the spare, second one was a flatbed) to finally be towed home...
  3. 2003 Dodge Ram Tail, Brake, Turn, Reverse Lights All Out

    As title says, the rear light fixtures in the bed are completely dead. :doh: This truck had a new bed installed, original wiring harnesses are intact. Checked fuses and are good. The wires are all plugged in. The ground wire from the bed to cab is hooked up. The lights for the license plate...
  4. No power after installing power steps

    Went to install a set of bestop power steps on my 2011 1500 crewcab. Disconnected the battery Tapped into door ajar wires underhood as per instructions Installed motors and steps Reconnected the battery Now the steps work no problems because the power comes direct from the battery, but the...