death wobble lifted 35's

  1. ram 1500 2011 laramie feel so LOOSE in the front! HELP ME PLS!

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    Hi everyone i new one in this forum , i got a ram 1500 2011 laramie with 60k milles and with 3.5 lift with control arms rough country with 35s M/T general grebber and rockstar 20x9 off set 0 im need really help or if SOMEONE had this problem before and if could solve it , My problem is when I...
  2. Please help asap! Need this problem resolved!

    Ok so I just got a 5'' Rough Country lift and im running 35's. I am getting death wobbles over the smallest bumps at as low as 25 mph. The truck is borderline driveable. I ordered a dual steering stabilizer from Rough Country, do you think this will help at all? And is there anything else I can...