1. Help! Heat issues

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    I have a 2002 Ram 1500 with dual climate control. The heater blows nice and hot, but only when it’s on vent and only on the passenger side. I know the thing about the blend doors but I was wondering if anyone knew which one specifically. And maybe a parts breakdown or diagram so I know what I’m...
  2. No defrost

    Heating & Cooling
    My heat and a/c work but only blow out of the main vents, regardless of which mode (blend) is chosen. I had it at my local garage and was told the mode door actuator needs replaced, for $650. Wow! He said mainly it is because the whole i.p. Must be removed. I bought the actuator for about...
  3. Heeelp! Air Conditioning struck on "defrost"

    Heating & Cooling
    Hey guys -- I really need help on this -- there is a small tube (made of hardish plastic), that comes out of the firewall on the starboard (that's right-side when facing forward), side of the engine compartment -- the small tube attaches to another tube that looks like a vacuum hose. However...
  4. No defrost?

    Heating & Cooling
    Air mixer works. Blower works on all settings but when I switch to defrost it keeps blowing out the dash and won't go up to the windshield. I think it's a vacuum problem. There are 2 vacuum lines hat go through firewall that are heater related. One is grey and connects to my coolan lines and the...
  5. Heater issues

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    I have a heating questions. When my heat selector is set to hot and area selection on defrost or defrost/floor combo, I get cold air but all other area selections blow hot as normal. Also I noticed my ac compressor clutch engages on defrost (which I read is normal), but it causes a significant...
  6. Blower goes from face to defrost

    Heating & Cooling
    When I have either heat or a/c and the blower is on face or floor, and then I take off it will go to the defrost and when I am not in overdrive it will return back to where it was. Since this happened I also noticed my cruise control is not working. Is this a vacum issue? Where do I start? 1999...
  7. AC/Heat Issue

    Heating & Cooling
    okay, so to the least this problem is very annoying. To begin my truck is a 2001 ram 5.9 4x4 offroad. The problem: I turn the defroster on (either heat or cold) and it switches to either one randomly. If I put it on cold, it goes to cold for a minute or two then switches to hot by itself. It...
  8. A/C heat defrost is all jacked up

    Heating & Cooling
    Just got my 2006 ram yesterday and I love it, however last night my windows iced over and I found out only the passenger side defrost works...after noticing this I relized that the ac and heat hardly put out air when on full speed. They get hot and cold just don't put out much out of the vents...